Wooden Growth Chart DIY

Project cost: under $15.00

This project has been on my list to do for a sometime and I finally got around to doing it.

 I wanted a nice, sturdy growth chart where I can keep track of the kids height and something that looked good to display in the house. Not something that looks like it belongs in a nursery. 

I saw some wood growth charts online, but they all started at $50 and went up in price. I knew that it does not cost that much to make one. 

So I went to Home Depot and bought a wooden board. I believe it it 6ft long, 1 inch thick and 10 inches wide. It was around $9.25

The only other two things I bought was a paint pen for around $3.00 (at my grocery store) and a foam brush. 

I had stain and polyurethane from the time I refinished my night-stands. But you can get each for around $5 at home depot (for the small container) I used minwax stain in the color special walnut and semi gloss oil based polyurethane. (Which will bring this project for you to around $25.00)

Here is the outcome:

 Step one: 

Select your wood. Make sure it is nice and smooth (so you can skip the sanding part) Make sure there are no markings on it. 

Step two: 

Stain your wood. I stained it in the garage at night (the kids were in bed)
I did one coat of stain. I left it on all night. In the morning, there were still some patches that didn't dry. So I brought the board into the house and placed it near a vent to finish drying. 

Step 3:
 I decided to start the chart at 6 inches (so I could hang it 6 inches from the floor)

Use a ruler and pencil to mark off all the inches and feet.

Step 4:

For the numbers, I printed some numbers and cut them out. 
I used a pen and traced the number (pressing really hard)
Then remove the paper and you should be able to see the traced number. Then use your paint pen to fill in the numbers and lines. 

If you have any number stencils, you can use those. Or you can free hand it.

Step 5:

Seal all your hard work with polyurethane

Step 6: 

Step back and enjoy your hard work :)

I went ahead and filled in my kids measurements (from the baby books)
I used a white chalkboard marker. 
It doesn't rub off. It will only wipe off if you use water. 

Thank you so much for visiting. If you have any questions, please let me know. 



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  2. Ive been wanting to do this too! I love it
    Please come on over ans share it at our very 1st linky party!
    :) Laura

  3. that is very very pretty looking! Way better than my messy door frame with their heights on it!

  4. Oh I've made these as gifts and they are fantastic! Cheap, quick and easy, and great for a lifetime of memories! I'm just so bummed that almost all my kids were pretty much done growing by the time this idea surfaced!
    Yours looks fantastic by the way!! :)

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  5. That's really beautiful ... what a great way to preserve sweet memories!

  6. I love this idea! I am so going to do this very soon!!! Thank you!
    Selene @ restorationbeauty.com

  7. I love this. I first saw one about a year ago on a blog and forgot about it. I'm glad I saw this post because it reminded me that I want to make one. Yours looks fantastic!

    Kristina from thriftysouthernpilgrim.com

  8. I love this. Wish I had made this when my children were younger. I invite you to join my link party, every weekend: Crafty Country Cottage @ Old Red Barn. Hope to see you soon!


  9. So cute! This would be a fun gift to give an expecting mom.

  10. Thanks for sharing last week on Thrifty Thursday! You are one of my features this week - hope you'll come back and share another project!

    Krysta @ KrystaSteen.com

  11. do you happen to know what size font you used? I'm so in love with this (saw on Pinterest) that I went out today and bought all the things to make it. That stain in a great color too! I'm gonna have to find some other projects for it ;-)

  12. Hi! Wanted to share with you that I made a growth chart of my own after seeing your post. I've shared a link to your tutorial since you inspired me to make one! Thank you! I think this is my favorite DIY i've ever done!

  13. Hi! I'm new to your site. I love the easy directions you provide here for making a growth chart. When my daughter was born last fall, we wound up ordering her one just like this off of Etsy because I wasn't confident enough in my abilities. Thanks for the tutorial!


  14. Thanks for these wonderful, simple, clear directions. I am not crafty, but I think even I could do this! How did you hang it? Did you need to buy something to screw to the back? If so, what did you buy, and where did you buy it? I have no instincts for this kind of thing. Thanks!

  15. Thanks for the wonderful, clear, simple directions! I am not crafty, but I think even I could do this! I'm excited. How did you hang it? Did you have to buy something? If so, what did you buy and where did you buy it? I have no instincts for this kind of thing. Thanks!!! :)

  16. What if I wanted to paint the wood pink, at what point in the process would I do this? Thank you!