Empties With Reviews (Used Up Products)

My emtpies box is filled up to the brim so it is time to review and recycle. 

Lets start out with hair products:

Did I like it: YES. Strong hold, doesn't leave hair sticky, I can brush it at the end of the day and the hairspray is gone. The only thing I didn't like is the smell and the price. But this can lasted me a good 3 months, so it is worth it. 
Will I repurchase? Yes, already repurchased, this time I bought the unscented version. It is cheaper at Target ($12.99, instead of the $14.99 everywhere else)

Did I like it: Yes, this is my 3rd can. It isn't volumizing, I just use it as a light hold finishing hairspray. 
Will I repurchase? I buy mine at walmart ($4.74), so next time I go to walmart, I will pick up another can.

Carols Daughter Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner
Did I like it: YES. I use this once a week to remove all buildup in my hair. It cleans my scalp very well and leaves a tingly clean feeling. The conditioner makes my hair super silky and smooth.
Will I repurchase? Yes, I already did. 

Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo (birchbox sample)
Did I like it: Yes. It has a pleasant smell and really cleans the scalp well.
Will I repurchase? No. it is $32, which is more then I would like to spend on a clarifying shampoo, especially since I like the Carol's daughter clarifying shampoo much better and it is half the price. 

Did I like it: YES. This stuff is amazing. I use it every friday. This lasted me a good 3 months, so it is well worth the money. After I use this, I can't help myself from smelling my hair over and over. 
It gives me smooth, shiny, frizz free hair ( like I just came home from the salon)
Will I repurchase? Yes. 

Lets move on to skincare:

Did I like it? Yes. I kept this in the shower and used this at the end of the day. This lasted me so long, because all you need is 2 pumps for your entire face. After you lather it, it feels like shaving cream.
Will I repurchase? No. Mostly because it is expensive and I like other cleansers much more, but I did enjoy using it. 

Did I like it? Yes. I believe this is my 3rd bottle. I love how it cleanses my face, it leaves it tingly and clean and doesn't dry it out. 
Will I repurchase: Yes

I got bad back acne after my hubby used a lotion for a back massage which made me break out like crazy. so I went and bought this. 
Did I like it? No, but I didn't hate it either. I just feel that it didn't do anything for my back acne. I used it up because I didn't want to waste product. I found something else which works 10X better and dries all the body acne you can have after 1-2 uses. 

Did I like it? YES. I actually went through a full size of this last year and happened to come across a sample of the cleanser. It reminded me how nice this cleanser is. Gentle, smells good and feels luxurious when I wash my face. 
Will I repurchase? Yes. 

Did I like it? Yes, this is my 2nd bottle of this. It is great to remove my makeup (even eye makeup) I just lather it up all over my face and then rinse. I follow up with stronger acne facewash. 
Will I repurchase: Yes, Already did. 

Did I like it: Yes. I originally discovered these through birchbox. 
It is a convenient and fast way to remove makeup. They didn't feel soapy and don't feel like I had anything left on my skin. They are fragnance free and paraben free and didn't cause me to break out. 
Will I repruchase: YES

Did I like it? No. I bought this when I attempted to go 100% natural for my skincare last year. I was excited to try this because it is so highly rated online. I was hoping it would help with my blemishes and sooth the redness (as it claims it does) however it didnt do the trick for me. 
Will I repurchase: NO

Did I like it: No. I bought this after it was suggested to me along with the face wash. Face wash is still practically full. I ended up dumping out the rest of this toner because I just felt it didn't do anything it claimed to do: clean pores, condition skin, resolve redness. 
Will I repurchase: No

Did I like it: No. This was a so so product. The smell is a overpowering rose scent. I ended up using it all up, so I didn't hate it. It claims to sooth skin, moisturize skin. I don't think it does that. Maybe its just my skin, because so many people seem to love it.
Will I repurchase: NO 

Did I like it: Yes. I bought this as a face scrub however, my face was too sensitive for it. So I started using it on my  back. In 2 uses, it cleared up all the breakouts! Smells like the beach and its really a treat to use it. 
Will I repurchase: Yes, if I get bad back acne again.

Did I like it: Yes. I got hooked on this stuff a long time ago. I keep this in the shower because it can be messy to use. I use this scrub about 2 times a week. Its great for polishing off the dead skin and still leave it moisturized. 
Will I repurchase: YES

Did I like it: No. The amount of product you get for the price is amazing. This is supposed to treat acne, hydrate and reduce redness. I thought it worked ok, but not great enough for me to go buy it again.
Will I repurchase: NO

Did I like it: Yes. This is my second little tub of this. This is my go to acne treatment now. I rub it in morning and night (it even works under makeup) and it only dries out the blemish, not the skin around it. 
Will I repurchase: Yes

Did I like it: Yes. It reduces redness and clears skin. It does not work well under makeup. You need a lot of product to cover your face, If you are using this everyday, you will be out of the tube in a week.
Each tube it $8.99, so its not price efficient. I can use the mario badescu drying cream twice a day and it lasts me close to two months. 
Will I repurchase: No

Did I like it: NO. I bought this after the sale person suggested it for me. Thats when I was on my all natural skincare kick. I was confused when I brought it home because it says cleanser on the bottle. But after reading up on it, it is actually a spot treatment. It is highly rated online so I was excited to try it. 
I used half of the bottle and then stopped when It still haven't done anything for my skin. 
I don't understand why it didn't work for me, since it is so highly rated online. I used it in combination to other lush products which the sales person recommended. I cleaned out my medicine cabinet an saw that this has now expired. Bye bye Lush products. 
Will I repurchase: NO

Did I like it: NO. This made my face so greasy that I started getting more breakouts. But I committed to keep using this (last year for a whole month) I has so glad when stopped using, my face returned back to normal. This is another product from LUSH that is highly rated, so it must work for many people, But not for me. Not it has expired. Good bye vanishing cream.
Will I repurchase: NO

Did I like it: No. This eye cream made my eye area burn. So I stopped using it. I am now using Mario badescu eye cream and I can put it all around my eye area and it doesn't cause any stinging or burning. 
Will I repurchase: NO

Did I like it: YES. This is the most amazing night cream. It smells amazing, non greasy and moisturizes well. It made my skin look so healthy in the morning. 
Will I repurchase: YES. Eventually I will repurchase this. However it is $90! It is worth every penny, because the sample lasted me a long time and I believe that the full size will last me 6-12 months. 

Did I like it: Yes. I don't think I have ever tried a clarins product I didn't like it. This is no exception. Wonderful smelling, doesn't break me out, hydrating. 
Will I repurchase: Yes, this is going on my wish list (I have so many moisturizers, I feel like I need to use those up first)

Did I like it: Yes. This is a amazing moisturizer, but its not a every day moisturizer. I use this while I use retin A and my skin is peeling and I need a good moisturizer before I put makeup. 
Will I repurchase: YES. This was a sample though birchbox, I have already repurchased the product. 

Did I like it: YES. I loved the smell and how quickly the lotion absorbed into my skin. I kept this on my night stand and used it before I went to sleep. Sad it ran out 
Will I repurchase: YES

I am on a search for a serum, these are the 4 I tried so far.

Did I like it? YES. Just after the 1st time I used it, I saw immediate results. My forehead was tightened and my lines were less deep. This sample lasted me 3 days,  and I already saw results, I can imagine how great your skin will be after you use the whole full size bottle. 
Will I repurchase? YES. It is so pricy: $145. So this is going on my wish list. Maybe one day I will spoil myself. 

Did I like it: Yes. This was an amazing sample from burchbox. It lasted me a good 2 weeks. I also saw great results. 
Will I repurchase: Yes. It is $70. Cheaper then the above one. This is a wonderful serum and I am surprised there isn't more hype about it. 

Did I like it: No. I didn't see any results after 3 days and I feel that such a expensive serum should work right away just like the Giorgo Armani one.
Will I repurchase: No

Did I like it: NO. I don't see what all the hype is all about. I didn't see any results. 
Will I repurchase: NO

 Did I like it: Yes. This was one of my birchbox samples. This is a wonderful tinted moisturizer, I wear it during the days when I have errands to run but don't want a full face of makeup, with a little concealer and powder, it gives me a nice and natural finish. 
Will I repurchase: Yes, I already did.

Did I like it: Yes, this is the best concealer I HAVE EVER used. It is full coverage, blends nicely and lasts a long time. Plus it lasts a long time, I bought this is May 2012 and just ran out last month. 
Will I repurchase: YES, I already did.

Did I like it: YES. I originally discovered this through birchbox and have only been using these lip balms. I am one of those people whole needs to have something on my lips at all times. This is wonderful, it as all natural and literally melts onto the lips.
Will I repurchase: YES. I still have 2 more left from the box, but once I run out, I will repurchase. 

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  1. Thank you for the reviews! Love product reviews from real people.