What just happened??!!

One of the things on my never ending list was to get bunk beds for the kids.
I just never got to it since I know a needed quite a bit of moolah for good, sturdy bunkbeds. My dream was getting pottery barn bunk beds. 

Well, as I was browsing craigslist on Wedneday night (7:30pm) (lazily laying on the couch) I saw a craigslist add for pottery barn bunk beds with two pottery barn mattresses for only $450! Now that is a deal!

I saw that the posting was listed only and hour ago, we quickly called and agreed to pick it up the next day at one. 

Well, I quickly measured the kids room and decided that it would be to tight for a bunk bed in there. Solution?  Move the kids room into the guest room. How simple, right? Not.

So right then,  I pulled out all of the furniture out of the guest room and got to work. I dug left over paint and started painting. Then I put the kids to bed and painted till 2 am! 

After 5 hours of sleep, I got up at 7am and continued to paint!

Then an annoying thing happened, I ran out of paint! 

I had to pack the kids up and run to Home Depot for paint, then back home to paint more, before hubby got home with the bunk beds. 

Lets just say that I had a very hard past 24 hours. 
I am very thankful for the sabbath, so I can relax now. 

Here is a before and after:

If someone told me that I would have to paint, move all furniture and organize a room, clean the house, go grocery shopping all while taking care of two kids in 24 hours, I would have said you are crazy! 

But all things are possible with Gods help. 

Thanks for visiting. :)


  1. oh wow! my husband is taking my kids away for a day and one thing I want to do is paint, I don't even know if I'll be able to do it by myself! moving furniture, reaching the ceiling, etc!

  2. What an amazing deal! Their new room looks amazing. Kudos to you for working so hard!

  3. It looks amazing! How did you do that so fast??? LOL

  4. You obviously work your best when you are in one crazy mood - because this is just a brilliant transformation. Your hard, hard, crazy work has paid off, and the girls are very lucky...enjoy Christmas, and I hope Santa is good to you...J

  5. looks amazing Rita! love it! I have recently redone my kids room as well, with bunkbeds too!! I did steal your garland idea, it just fits for both boys/girls room.