Kids Craft Birthday Party

It isn't easy having a birthday in December. 
Everyone is still recovering from Thanksgiving, then you need to plan, shop and decorate for Hanukkah or Christmas. So the Birthday tends to go on the back burner.

But I vowed to myself, to still give my kids the best Birthday party I can. That means not combining their birthday and presents with any of the holidays. 

Since my kids birthdays are only 3 days apart, we throw them one party. I can't imagine having two parties in such a short time!

You can see last years party here

My kids love doing crafts. They love painting and drawing. So I thought it would be a really great idea to have a craft party. 

Take a look at how it turned out!

I used the kids chalkboard as the birthday sign outside.:

I love this pic! They are waiting for their friends.

I set up the dining table as the paint table. 
Each child got their own canvas to paint on. 
I made the pom-poms
The aprons are from amazon
The party hats are from Target, I just added some tassels to them. 

The next station we had was the bead station, the kids could make necklaces or bracelets:

And the third station was the paper doll station.
The paper dolls are from Michael's
I cut out some clothes for the dolls the kids could select and glue on.
There were ribbons, buttons, beads and stickers they could use too. 

Some of the presents and party favors:

And finally what I think the most important part: 


Fabric: IKEA
Happy birthday banner: DIY
Paper straws: Amazon
White tray: West Elm
Drink Dispenser: World Market
Random Apothecary Jars: Michael's
Rice Krispie  "paint brushes": DIY, idea found here
Cupcakes and cakes from local bakery
Cake stands: Pier One
Cake pops: DIY, tutorial here
Tasseled garland: DIY, Check out this tutorial

My birthday girl!

My little man is now 2!

Me and my babies!

Little artists!

Making paper dolls!

Busy little bees:

Everyone did such a great job!

Time to eat!

We had cheese pizza & veggie pizza and an assortment of fruits and veggies

Time to blow out the candles!

Present time!

Everyone "helped" open the presents!

After opening all the presents, everyone played with the new toys!

I think the party was a success! The kids are happy, so I am happy too!

Thanks so much for visiting!


  1. Oh my gosh that looks like a ton of fun. I love all the fun bright colors you used and the cakes are fabulous. Love it all.


    Creative Raisins

  2. So cute and I'm pinning this to my Future Party Ideas board because I know my crafty girls will love this!

  3. Oh my goodness I love this party! Beautiful and absolutely LOVE the dessert table! Great job!

  4. What a great idea! So perfect to keep active little minds and hands occupied for a less chaotic party. And such cute decorations too!

    I'd love if you linked up to my Show & Tell party this week.

  5. this is adorable! i love all the colors and of course the crafting theme :)

  6. Wow, this party is really cute..craft birthday theme sounds unique. I loved all party decorations.Really creative..

    Singing Ariel For Birthday Parties

  7. Love this! Do you have a tutorial for the happy birthday banner?

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  9. I loves this, I've been planning something similar for my girl's 5th birthday in December, I'll definitely use some of your ideas!

  10. Thanks so much for sharing, love your Ideas! :D

  11. Thanks so much for sharing, love your Ideas! :D