Makeup Storage

My husband says I have to much makeup, and off course I don't think I do. 
Sure, I have more then a makeup bag full of makeup, but I love trying new things. 

I really got into makeup because my skin is so finicky. I am very oily, I break out and my eye lids are very sensitive. 
I have to find things that work with my skin. And although, I have found some things I really like,  I feel that there is a whole world full of makeup out there and I want to try and find the best I can. 

I keep my makeup in my bathroom vanity. 
To see my bathroom, go here

 I keep my makeup brushes in my medicine cabinet, the shelves are adjustable, so I can fit them nicely in here. I keep them in these cheap little glass cups from IKEA. 

All of my makeup goes in the top drawer of my vanity:

On the right side of the drawer, I keep the foundations, concealers and powders:

In the middle I keep my lip products, eyeliners, lashes and brow stuff:

On the left I keep my bronzers, blush, eye shadows and mascara:

Well thats it. Please tell me I am not the only mama out there with a drawer full of makeup. 

 Where do you store your makeup? 

Thanks for visiting. 


  1. I am so bad at storing my make-up! These are great ideas.

    Much Love

  2. I thought I had a lot of makeup. And I sell the stuff(lol). You have a lot!
    Nice though. I still can't fathom how makeup is kept in the bathroom though. I've never stored makeup in my bathroom but it seems that's what everyone does
    k at

    1. I used to have a vanity area in my bedroom, but we turned that space into my husbands closet. Now I have to do my makeup in my bathroom. The lighting is great there, but I don't like standing up... because I like to take my time with hair and makeup, now I just rush through it and head on out. But I guess that is a good thing :)

  3. May I just say that I am obsessed with your new bathroom. It looks amazing!!!!!!!! I love it. Good job! I love your makeup storage!

  4. I like how you've utilized all kinds of containers to sort your makeup. I like having mine all separate, too. I love how some women have all of their necessities in a bag, but rummaging through all of that each day would drive me crazy.

  5. wow I love it love it. I am impressed and motivated :) some ideas for my bathroom. xoxo bless you

  6. love your bathroom & great organization skills on makeup!!!