Shaklee Basic H Cleaner Review and Giveaway (closed)

What cleaners are under your sink right now? Are they chemical loaded spray bottles (like I had)? Or do you use organic, non toxic cleaners (which you are probably overpaying for)?

I had a whole bunch of different cleaners, some which I forgot I had. My most used ones were: Windex, Clorox greenworks all purpose cleaner, and 409 degreaser.

As much as I wanted to go "green" with my products, I couldn't justify spending more then $3 on a all purpose spray, because I used so much of it. With 2 pairs of sticky little hands in the house, I am constantly wiping things down. 

Julia Kendrick contacted me and asked me to do a review/giveaway. She is a super mom! She has three boys, one with a rare syndrome called Miller Dieker Syndrome. He has many medical problems, which is why Julia found these natural, non toxic, chemical free products which are safe for the family and the environment.

She then told me that it costs her 3 cents for her all purpose cleaner and 1 penny for for the window cleaner!
And I though, why am I paying over $3 for both?

I have to admit I was a bit nervous to try the products, which is why I told Julia that I will do a honest review. And she agreed to that, I think she secretly knew I would LOVE them.

She was right, I really LOVE using these products.  They actually work! I don't have streaky windows or sticky tables. It is good for the environment, safe for the family and they actually perform! With shaklee Basic H2 Concentrate I can see myself not buying any cleaners for a very long time (I think I am set for at least a year or two!)

Here is how it works.

Julia is a independent distributor for Shaklee. 
You can sign up for a member ship for $19.95 (lifetime membership) and save 15% of all products, or you can shop without a membership. 

Shaklee Organic Super-Cleaning Concentrate

you can buy the concentrate here
and the bottles here

Basic H concentrate is:

phosphate free
not a soap
non toxic
non irritating
non flammable

Julia sent me the Basic H to try and I am loving it! I really want to buy the other products and make my entire house safe and clean.

On my list to buy:

You can buy the basic H cleaner for $12.15 or if you are a member its $10.35!
This 16 oz bottle makes 48 gallons of safe and effective all purpose cleaner. You just add water to the spray bottles and a couple of drops of the cleaner.

One bottle of concentrate = 3 different cleaners!

One 16 oz bottle of degreaser costs 17 cents to make!
I use this on my range, backsplash, hood and to wipe off all of the oil splatters when I am cooking. 

All-purpose cleaner:

One 16 oz bottle of all-purpose cleaner costs 3 cents to make.

I use this to wipe the dining table, chairs, counters, doors and appliances. 

Window Cleaner:
One 16 oz bottle of window cleaner costs 1 cent to make!
This is where I was most skeptical, I was afraid of streaky mirrors and windows, but this does as great of a job as windex without the harmful chemicals. 

I use this on my mirrors, windows, bathroom vanities, and most important my very finicky dishwasher.

I don't know what it is about this dishwasher, but it only gets streak free with windex, and the shaklee window cleaner did an amazing job!

So clean! You can see the reflection of the cabinets.

Julia is giving away 3 samples of basic H to my readers to try out!
Thats right! three winners!

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  3. Okey doke! I liked her facebook page! :) my email is :) sounds like these products are wonderful! And what's funny is my parents used to be members in a shaklee program, too! :)