My Own Closet!

I have wanted my own closet for a very, very long time. 
I used to share my closet with my hubby, but not anymore! (No, I did not move his things to the guest room closet although at times I was tempted to.  We actually built him his own closet) :)

This is the only space in the whole house which belongs to 
just me! 

The other day I locked the door in the bathroom, and got comfy in the closet and did my nails while the hubby watched the kids. It was wonderful not to have any interruptions :)

Here is all the info you might need:

The closet system we used was Closet Maid from Home Depot
Two Corner units stacked $77.98 each
Four stackable shelves $9.48 each
Total Cost: $282.88

The bench I had (from kids room- We switched rooms for them, and there was no space for it anymore.)

The wall color is Pelican by Valspar
The stenciled used is the Morrocan stencil from Cutting Edge
The paint color used for the stencil is Designer White from Behr

First let me show you the before pics:

OK, now I can show you the AFTER

So please come in and take a look:

On this side I keep my tops and skirts.
I keep them organized by color

This bench is useful to sit down when I need to buckle or tie my shoes

I sewed a new cushion and made these tack boards for my statement pieces.
(If you follow me on Facebook, you have already seen this)

In the bench cubbies I keep my belts and slips

My hats are up above in my "self made" shelf which is a left over from another project. I just placed it up above. (I still need to get the brackets for this)

I love the deep corner shelves, they fit so much stuff!

On the very top I keep my floppy sun hats.
The 1st shelf is for my purses
2nd shelf is for T shirts and sweaters
3rd shelf is for my jeans and skirts
4th shelf is for sweats, work out clothes and painting clothes
and the last shelf is for my boots

On the hanging rod I keep my maxi skirts at the very left
then I keep my jackets and blazers
The rest of the items are clothes that I have just bought, but have not worn yet. (At the moment I have been picking up some fall pieces)

These stackable shelves are from Home Depot
However they do not fit high heels which are more then 3 inches tall ( they are not listed as shoe racks, but it was the only thing I could find which fit in this space)

 My perfume tray is up above for now.
The little candle holder holds all of the tiny perfume samples.

Here you can see my dresses.

I keep all the maxi dresses on the right. 
The rest of the dresses I organize by sleeve length and color.

Under the dresses, I keep another shoe rack.
Remember these glitter shoes I made? They still look great!

This is where I keep the heels which did not fit in the shelves I bought.
I keep one shoe in front of the other, this way I can fit 4 different pairs on one shelf.

Above the shoes are some clutches and scarves

I keep square scarves in the black box and the rectangle and infinity scarves folded on the shelf below.

On the top shelf I keep my acrylic boxes from The Container Store where I keep some watches, bracelets, glasses, head bands and my nail stuff. 
The nail polish rack is from Amazon

And because I could not resist, here is my beautiful "art work":

Thank you so much for visiting :)

If you have any questions, please let me know :)


  1. I am absolutely in LOVE with your closet!!! What a great job organizing! Everything has a place and you can tell what you own. Great job! I'll be saving this link to use as inspiration for my own closet.

  2. You are such an inspiration! I love it!

  3. Love your house, love your style, we are BFF's!