His Closet (plus a sneak peek of mine!)

I really wanted my own closet. I was tired of having all my clothes cramped and not being to tell what is what.  Alhtough at times I was tempted to "nicely" move all of my hubby's clothes to the guest room, I just couldn't do it.
So we decided to build a second closet in our room to have his/her closets.

I posted my closet before we started to work on it here. You can take a look at it, just to see how cramped it was ;)

We had this little nook in our master bedroom. I really don't know what it was for. Maybe a reading nook? A place to stash a baby crib in your room? I don't know,  I used it for my vanity area. It was nice and bright here, however... It was always a mess. So I was OK on using this space for a closet, if it meant that I could have a closet for myself. 

Hubby built a doorway with 2X4s, put sheet rock on it and then we hired people to mud the doorway and spray it with texture, after that I painted everything and Hubby installed the door. 

If this closet wasn't so small, I would have claimed it as my own. Because the window makes it so bright and airy. 

I can not wait to show you my closet! It still needs a few finishing touches. 

But here is a sneak peek :