August Birchbox

I received my Birchbox last week and just opened it yesterday!
We are remodeling, so everything from my room got moved to the guest room, and I just found it. 

For those of you who still haven't heard of Birchbox, it is a beauty subscription that you pay $10 a month for. You get a cute little box filled with beauty samples!
Then you can review the products for points and use the points to shop for full size products in the Birchbox store! Pretty nifty, huh? 

So lets take a look at my box:

Shick Hydro Razor. $10.00 (this already paid for the box!)
I was in desperate need of a new razor, so this was a great surprise. 

Viva La Juicy Perfume sample. Full size 2.5 oz $70
The uplifting scent opens with a sparkling cascade of mandarin and wild berries. Next, sweet notes of honeysuckle, gardenia petals, and jasmine peek through, followed by a lingering trace of waterlily.

I thought this was a pleasant smell, it had a floral scent which I like. I am not sure if I would purchase it though, if you have seen my post on "what's on my perfume tray" then you know I tend to stick to the same perfume.

 Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream. Full Size 1.25 oz $16.00
A dose of soothing camphor gives this light yellow cream its faint herbal scent, which fades quickly upon contact with your skin. High concentrations of glycerin and sodium hyaluronate seal in moisture and protect skin from the elements. Finally, vitamins B, C, and E infuse skin with antioxidants and boost firmness. The thick, creamy consistency makes this an ideal hand cream, foot cream, lip balm, and facial moisturizer—or you can use it to soften rough elbows and knees. You’ll be amazed by how quickly it absorbs into your skin without leaving a greasy feeling behind.

This reminds me of the Burt's Bees Balm. It is pretty thick, so you need to warm it up between your fingers to spread easily. 
My face was in desperate need of intense moisture after using my Retin A cream, I put this on during the night and was pleasantly surprised. It did a great job.  However,  I don't think I am going repurchase, since I like to use my Burt's Bees Farmers Friend on all dry patches on my body, including face! 

***I put this on my lips as a lip balm and almost gagged when I licked my lips. It is disgusting. I wouldn't recommend using it as a lip balm. 

Stila Stay all day Foundation. Full size $44
Both the foundation and concealer are made with oxygen technology that naturally increases blood flow to the skin’s surface, resulting in a radiant glow. The foundation’s oil-free formula feels comfy on skin all day, while the full-coverage concealer blends easily to give you a seamless finish.

I love trying out new foundation. Since I have oily skin, with hyper-pigmentation I an always looking for something which will work better then the last thing. Which is why I am always picking up samples and trying out new foundation. 
This is actually one of the foundations that I have been meaning to try. Most of Stila's makeup is non comedogenic which is great for my super sensitive face. 

I will give it a go, who knows, I may be purchasing another foundation soon :)

Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream. Full size $20
A moisturizing base of omega-rich squalene, organic shea butter, jojoba oil, and coconut oil protects against the redness and irritation associated with shaving, while organic green tea extracts infuse skin with antioxidants.

I don't use shaving cream to shave. I just use body wash, so I can't imagine paying $20 for shaving cream, not unless it does the job for me and shaves my legs by itself. 

Well that wraps up my birchbox. 

What did you get this month? If you have a blog post, please link it up. I would love to check it out 


  1. Did you try the razor? I'm curious to see what you thought. I didn't like mine very much at all :(

    My August review:

  2. Did you end up liking the Stila foundation? I got the Stila BB cream in my July Birchbox, liked it and then ordered the full size. Only to realize it made me break out very badly! I just sent it back to Birchbox for a refund. I was curious is the regular foundation was better, or if you have a recommendation on a non-oily BB cream.