Master Closet..

We are finally done with our downstairs, which means that we will soon start working on our master bedroom, bathroom and closet. 
We have a small master closet, too small for both of us. I  really don't have any ideas on how to create a space which will work for us. I already store our coats and jackets in the hall closet and put a lower rack. 
We even had a contractor in to check it out (his idea was to break the wall into the guest room which is behind the closet wall and use the space from there. However, the guest room is already the smallest bedroom, I really don't want to be taking anymore room from it)

Here is what our closet looks like now (pardon the mess, it is very hard to organize such a small space)

some inspiration for my closet:

Do you have any advice for sharing a small closet?


  1. Like you we have a small master closet, it is a total beast. We battle frequently. I do have a couple suggestions though. First I would put at least one more shelf up above your existing shelf. Purge anything you don't love or don't wear frequently enough to warrant keeping. Finally store the out of season items else were if at all possible and store the most often used items in the easiest places to reach.

  2. I am loving all your house tour posts! Just found your blog and cant wait to subscribe to find out what you are up to. You have THE best taste!