What's on my perfume tray?

I am pretty picky about my perfume. So when I find a scent I like, I will stick to it.
 In fact, all of the perfumes I have right now have been repurchased over and over again. 

You may notice that I do not own any celebrity fragrances or body sprays. I feel that I would rather spend the money on a good perfume, rather then spend my money on cheap perfume/body sprays. 

 Here is our little tray, nothing big and glamourous:

L'Occitane Citrus Verbena: My one and only spray I use for the spring/summer. It smells like fresh sliced lemons sprinkled with sugar! I am going to have to repurchase this again really soon as I am running low again.

Chanel Chance: I Love this perfume. It is flowery but subtle. I can wear it during the day or night. 

Ralph Lauren Romance: This is the first perfume I ever got. I turned 14 and my mom bought it for my birthday. It smells wonderful and reminds me of when I was younger. (hubby repurchased it for me for valentines day)

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique: This perfume is a mixture of rose, orchid and vanilla. It is smells amazing.   This must be my third bottle.

Victor & Rolf 'Flowerbomb: This perfume is  mixture of flowers and tea, it is a very pleasant and clean smell. This is my second bottle. I try to use it very sparingly since it is probably the most expensive perfume I own. 

The only other perfume that I can think of, which I want back in my collection is the Stella by Stella McCartney, it is one of my favorites, It is a mixture of rose and amber.  I have already gone through two bottles of it and would love another one :) Hopefully hubby will get me one for my upcoming  birthday. 

Do you notice a pattern? Almost all of the perfumes are floral. I never knew that until I read their description. I just go by smell, If I like it then I buy it :)

These are some samples which I liked. 
Samples are a great way to try our perfume without buying the whole bottle. 
Most of these are from Birchbox, but you can go to the fragrance counter and ask for samples. 

 Well, that is my very modest perfume collection. Have you tried any of these perfumes? Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite perfume?


  1. I love looking researching the notes in my favorite perfumes and seeing what they have in common.

    My favorite perfume right now is Bulgari Jasmin Noir; I also wear Balenciaga Paris very often, Dior Addict rarely, and LaVanila Pure Vanilla roll-on for days at the pool.

    Love your blog, by the way!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment :)

  2. I have Chanel Chance love this the most
    Juicy Couture (Viva la juice, Couture Couture, Juicy by Juicy)
    Burberry Summer
    Vera Wang Pricess
    I am going to try the L'Occitane one because that sounds like the perfect scent.

    1. yes, do try the L'Occitane, let me know if you like it.

  3. I have a lot of these perfumes and I adore Vera Wang.

    1. If you like a lot of these, then we must like the same scents. I never tried the vera wang one, will need to take a sniff next time :)

  4. Mine isn't as fancy as those but try the green Nollie brand at Pac Sun. It's really floral-y...you might like it. (: