This weeks project...

I was at Joanne's this week, just browsing... Looking for something to inspire me. 

I saw this polka dotted fabric.  I have wanted a polka dotted skirt for such a long time.
I picked up a yard of this polka dotted fabric. It was $9.99 for the yard. Minus the 20%.

So technically this skirt cost me $8!

Not bad, don't you think? 

If you want to make yourself a skirt like this, you can follow this tutorial. 

Thanks for visiting. :)


  1. Sweet skirt. Love it paired with that jacket. Thanks for the tutorial link. I'm in the midst of Me-Made-May '12 and may need a few emergency items. :)

  2. I came back to look at the directions for the simple elastic waistband skirt again to make my second skirt and thought maybe you would be interested to know that I used your tutorial to make my first all by myself skirt last summer:

    I am off to start on my next one. Funny, actually. I bought the fabric the same day you posted this polka dot skirt. I had bought navy fabric with large white dots the same day! (I was reading on my ipad and isn't easy to comment in the reader app so that's why the long delay in this comment.)

    And while I am at it, your kitchen remodel has really inspired us. My husband owns a flooring business and does wood floors so we think we'll be able to pull of the chop block counter. That's our project this summer.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!