Organizing the closet again....

So... I re-organized the closet again. 

This time I did by color. I used to have it by clothing type: cardigans together, tanks together, button ups together. However I did not like it, I had a hard time finding anything because my closet is so small and cramped. 

And as always, every time I organize the closet I always end up with a pile to donate:

How do you organize your closet?


  1. I have one rack for shirts then another for cardigans. This I organize by color from there. It makes it super easy to find things.

    1. Oh.. I wish my closet was big enough to do that. Unfortunately, my closet is so small. Maybe one day :)

  2. Man now I know I need to be doing this. MY closet is getting out of control. So inspiring:>

  3. I am following you on pinterest now lady!