What's REALLY in my purse...

Natasha at little pink monster did a post this week on what is really in her diaper bag. Which really hit home for me.  Ever since I decided to get a bigger purse (to carry the kids things with mine) it has been a mess. (but since I do not need so much stuff for the kids anymore, a diaper bag seems to much) 

I decided to clean out my purse this morning, I dumped it all out onto the dining room table. 
Here is what I found. 

The green bag has a cloth diaper, wipes, spare pants and t shirt for the little man
Some odd toys
Some Thomas stickers/coloring pages which I ripped out of the kids activity book (we were planning on eating out yesterday, but hubby had to work late, so plans changed).
Odd receipts
Sticky notes
6 pens (every time I go grocery shopping I grab a new pen, until I run out of pens. Then I go to my purse and dig them all out)
Sun Block (for when the sun comes out and we are at the park)
Face wipes (which are really makeup remover, but just the other day I used them to wipe off my little man's face after eating a oreo)
4 chapsticks! (just like the pens, I grab a new chapstick when going out) 
2 lipsticks (for when we went out and I threw them in my purse to touch up after dinner (did I actually have time to use them? NOPE. 
Some powder for my oily face (for those all day trips, when my face gets oily)
Hand Salve (for when my hands feel really dry)
A hair tie and Little Em's hair clips
Phone (which needs to be charged now)
A ziplock bag of 2 plastic plates (with lids) and kid utensils (for eating out) The kids always split a kids meal. I don't always carry this, only when we go out to eat. Since we didn't end up going out last night, I took the bag out and left it in the tupperware drawer.

My hand sanitizer and little first aid kit are no where to be seen. 
(must have left them at a restaurant)
If you have kids, you know what I mean. You are constantly pulling things out of your purse to keep the kids quite. When Toys don't work anymore, things like first aid kits are a miracle worker. LOL.

Thank you so much for visiting. 
I encourage you all to do a post about what is really in your purse and leave me the link. I would love to check it out :)


  1. This made me chuckle. It's a great idea. I am totally doing this. Thanks for the inspiration! I'll link you when I get it posted.

  2. Done and done. http://awfulappealing.blogspot.com/2012/04/its-my-bag-baby.html