Tackling our next house project....

We are finally are moving on to our next project on our "To Do" list

Which is our family room. I honestly would not even call it a "room" it is so small.

Which is why we want to tear off this fireplace my hubby built a few years back. It was one of our first DIY projects and just was not a good idea. (it is too big and bulky and takes up to much room in our small room)

We hired a framer to build us the "fire place box" (sorry, I do not know the real name for it)
This way, we can have the fireplace inside the box and it would not take up any room inside the family room.

(I still need to find some leftover green paint to paint it)

Hubby took apart the fireplace...

Here is my inspiration on how I want our new fireplace to look like:

I like the trim-work on this one. But would like a white tile.

I love this one!! (I wish I could find the actual link to the blog where this is from. It just says uploaded by user on pinterest... GRRR)

I love the subway tile and the trim-work on this one!!

Except I want my subway tile to be white like this one...

Sigh.... so gorgeous

Well, I am going to stop day dreaming now and get to work :)


  1. Can't wait to see how your new fireplace and mantel turn out!!!