Finished Products- Reviews #2

Here's the deal, I love buying and trying out new beauty and health products. Usually as soon as I start using something I think it is the best thing in the world, but then after a few weeks some of the things make it under my sink and I stop using them for one reason or another.

So here I will tell you my honest opinion on products I have used up and weather or not I will repurchase them.

You can see my first post on some products here

Lets get started :)

Product name: Loreal True Match Blush in innocent flush
Where did I purchase: ulta, (but you can buy it at any drugstore)
Cost: $9.99
What the product claims to do: This lightweight and highly blend-able blush coordinate perfectly with true match makeup and powder.
My thoughts: I actually do not remember ever finishing a blush, with the exception of this one. I loved it so much I kept using it. I like using it in the spring and summer with peachy/coral lips.
Will I repurchase? yes. I already did

Product name: Not you mothers volumizing Hairspray
Where did I purchase: Walmart
Cost: Around $5
What the product claims to do: This hair spray has a firm hold and is humidity proof.
My thoughts: The only hair products I use is a heat protectant and hairspray. I like this one because it is dry, not sticky. And it is only $5! I can not justify spending over $10 on hairspray, this one does everything I want it to.
Will I repurchase? Yes, I already did.

Product name: Peter Rabbit Organics Baby Shampoo and body wash
Where did I purchase: Whole Foods
Cost: $16.99
What the product claims to do: A tear free shampoo, PH balanced, non-iritating, leaves scalp nourished and hair soft.
My thoughts: Love this baby wash, I am not kidding when I say it lasted me about 6 months. I love the pump, which is easy to use with a squirmy, wet baby. I LOVE IT. However, on my last two trips to Whole Foods, they were out.
Will I repurchase? yes

Product name: NYX propel my eyes mascara
Where did I purchase: NYX
Cost: $12
What the product claims to do: Get ready for aerodynamic lashes: The brush of this majestic mascara boasts a four way pinwheel design that lifts eyelashes and coats them in a truly conditioning formula, enriched with pro vitamin B5 and green tea extract.
My thoughts: It is alright, but not something I will go out of way to repurchase. I have tried better mascaras at the drugstore.
Will I repurchase? NO

Product name: Burts Bees Hair Repair Deep Conditioner
Where did I purchase: Target
Cost: $7.99
What the product claims to do: Repair and revitalize your hair naturally in just 2 minutes. PH balanced,Sodium Laurel/Laureth sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free. 98.05% natural.
My thoughts: I really like this deep conditioner. Especially with using my burts bees shampoo and conditioner(which is not very conditioning)
Will I repurchase? yes

Product name: Cupcake Fresh Face Mask
Where did I purchase: lush (in store only)
Cost: $6.00
What the product claims to do: To calm breakouts, this rhassoul mud cleans and soothes, while cocoa butter, linseed and cocoa powder softens the skin.
My thoughts: I really like lush fresh faced masks, and this one did not disappoint. It smells like cupcake frosting. I feel that it really soothed my face (especially when I had a few breakouts)
Will I repurchase? YES

Product name: L'Oreal EverPure Color Care System
Where did I purchase: Target
Cost: $6 each
What the product claims to do: Color preserving formula with no sulfates, salts and surfactants that can strip and dull your hair.
My thoughts: This is my first sulfate free shampoo and I was not impressed. It was all right, but I like my burts bees shampoo/conditioner better.
Will I repurchase? NO

Product name: Bio Infusion Olive Oil deep conditioning treatment
Where did I purchase: Walgreens
Cost: $8.99
What the product claims to do: Helps restore essential nutrients, moisturize and revive damaged hair.
My thoughts: I really liked this deep conditioner. the directions said to leave in your hair for about 45 minutes, however, I did not see any difference with that. I left it in for about 2 hours while cleaning the house and doing chores. After I showered and blew dry my hair, it looked like I came back from the salon. I did this about twice a week.
Will I repurchase? Yes

Product name: Cetaphil Daily Clenaser
Where did I purchase: walmart (or any drugstore)
Cost: Around $6
What the product claims to do: Removes excess oil without drying, rinses clean.
My thoughts: I have been using this face wash for about 7 years, It is gentle and does not dry my face. It does not claim to do anything but clean your face. It works great with my clarisonic.
Will I repurchase? Yes

That wraps it up.
Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?


  1. Girl, I just started using Cetaphil with my knock of clarisonic and it was the best decision I ever made! Love it