Altering a dress (adding length with the fabric belt)

I am so glad I held out for this dress.

I actually tried it on in the fall and loved it but didn't want to spend $34.99,
Because quite frankly I really didn't have anywhere to where it.
It was to short for church and I don't work in the office anymore.

So, on my most recent trip to H&M, I saw this dress on clearance.

However, they didn't have my size (size 6)
They only had a size 10

I tried it on and decided it was even better, because the size 10 was longer then the size six I tried on before.

Here it is on, a little to big:

The sides were very easy to fix:

All fixed:

I used the belt that came with the dress to add another 2 inches to the bottom of the dress:

All done!

Thanks so much for visiting :)


  1. Very cute! What a fantastic idea to use the belt to add length.

  2. I just wanted to say, I came across your blog, and I love it! I am your newest follower :)

    I wish I had the talent you do!

    Just when you thought

  3. Great job, it looks perfect on you!

  4. I'm insanely jealous of your crafty know how and ridiculously cute outfits! I'm also very impressed you manage to do all this with 2 (very cute) kids in tow. I read your before/after makeup post and you are lovely.
    Wish I had your boots... Haha
    Found you via pinterest :)

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  6. I just commented but realized I was signed in under my husband's google account! It looked funny talking about dressed next to a picture of a man! ha ha! Anyways this is great I will have to keep this mind when I go dress shopping now and try on dresses that are sometimes just too short especially for church!! Thank you! :) Bobbie