Thrifting, two great finds!

I went thrifting on Sunday and found some great things I wanted to share with you.
(the goodwill near me is great, I have found some great things there in the past, and this time did not disappoint either)

A beautiful Nordstrom clutch and a Micheal Kors wallet, both in perfect condition!
Best part was that both were only $4.99 each!!

I have wanted a smaller wallet for a while now (I have a huge check book wallet)
This was a amazing find!


Now, I don't go out much, so buying a clutch full price seems like a waste of money.
But for only $4.99, I couldn't pass it by.

Thank you to whoever donated these items, you made my day :)

What have you found at the thrift store this week?


  1. My two girls and I just got home from ours; scored a bunch of brand new books for my 3rd grade classroom and some shirts for my oldest(8) who has no clothes for spring.
    I always find great things too. Once I found a $124 hammered sterling silver Silpada cuff for only 69 cents. More recently I found a beautiful brown leather Cole Haan handbag with gold chain handles for only $7.99 It was brand new!

  2. That clutch is gorgeous! I haven't been thrifting in far to long. We are going to a craft fair this weekend that is held next to a HUGE flea market...can't wait. Hopefully I'll find treasures at both :o)

    1. I hope you found some treasures. My "treasures" are never behind the glass case, I always find them randomly. most of the stuff behind the case is overpriced. I once found a almost new Coach Tote for $15 on the rack with all the purses.