Thrifted Dress Refashion

I went thrifting on Sunday, I found this dress for $6.99
It's originally from Forever 21, size large

(excuse the face with no makeup)

I loved the tulle skirt part, not the top
I feel that it made me look frumpy.
So I decided to turn this dress into a skirt.

All I did, was use my seam ripper and take apart the tulle skirt part from the shirt
I then attached a elastic.

It was really easy and fast, now I have a pretty tulle skirt for $6.99!

Thanks so much for visiting :)


  1. i love that skirt and want one!! and yes it looks much better as a skirt then a dress.

    1. Thank you so much! I like it better as a skirt too.

  2. Your skirt is very cute. You always have nice ideas and know exactly to make them happen.

    1. Thank you! I don't always know what to do. LOL. I wish I did, there are so many amazing things in the thrift store. I really want to buy a blazer and resize it, but not sure I can do it. Maybe one day :)