This week in pictures...

We had quite an eventful week (well, as eventful a stay at home mom's week can be) :)
We had a few sunny days this week and took advantage of them.


Hubby worked, so the kids and I went to the park


Two of my siblings' birthdays are next week,
so I went to the mall with the kids to find them birthday presents.
After shopping we played a little at the play area:

We were at the mall for a few hours and were hungry, so we stopped by to eat at the Noodle & Co:

mmmm..... Pasta Fresca:


Went to one of my favorite stores (Cotton Babies) to find a baby shower gift for a friend
The diapers are so pretty, too bad I have to much already :(

It was our 7 year anniversary on Tuesday.
Hubby took me out to a romantic dinner

Now that was yummy!!

We went to the Park again and stopped by the pet store to look at the pets.
Little Em wants a pet. (I do not want any pets) So we just went there to look around.

Little man loved watching the birds:

Went grocery shopping and stocked up the fridge:

Went to my cousins baby shower and had a great time with the girls!


Enjoying my beautiful tulips that hubby got me for our anniversary.
So simple, yet so pretty:

That wraps our week up.

Thanks for visiting :)


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