Feeding the Ducks....

I used to come to this particular duck park all the time when I was a kid, and now I brought my own kids here. It gave a warm fuzzy feeling.

There is something very theraputic about this park, especially now in the spring time. Everything seems so calm and serene.

We brought 2 slices of bread for the kids to feed to the ducks.
The little man was thrilled but my 4 year old was scared of the ducks. I don't blame her, those ducks know no boundaries, they see you with bread, they come right up to your feet.

Here is a close up of a pretty duck

Making memories every day...

Do you bring your child/ren to a place where you used to come as a child?
If so, what is this special place?

Thanks for visiting....


  1. The park looks so serene! Such beautiful ducks. I love sharing places/things with my kiddos from when I was a child. Growing up we camped a lot so we take our kids camping at the same place. It has changed a lot over the years but I love the memories from growing up and the new memories with my sweet little family.

  2. Taking the kids camping in the places you went would be amazing. (I never went camping as a kid)

  3. The park looks nice, I am sure your kids enjoy going places with you. I remember as a child we went to parks in Oregon, then we moved to Idaho, so I cant take my kids there, but we do take them to our CA parks, which they love. Its good to make memories. I still remember when my dad took me to a local river in Russia, to swimm. Or when he took me to an ice cream shop... Oh those were the days. It does bring a nice nastalgic feelings to mind....:)