This week in pictures...

Can you believe this week is over?? All I remember is valentines day and then being sick for the rest of this week.

Let's take a look what we did this week.


We didn't go to church on Saturday (We were up until 1 am in the emergency room on Friday night because the little man had a puncture wound in the mouth. BTW, thank you to all of you who have expressed concern)

Saturday night, the little man was doing so much better, we decided to head to our favorite burger joint (five guys)

Look how happy the little man is less then 24 hours later, kids sure bounce back fast. (he actually saw another baby and got so excited) You can check out last weeks post about last Friday night at the ER

Then we went to Menchies. We love our frozen yogurt!

Can you guess which one is mine?

Hubbys, little Em's and MINE!


Hubby cleaned the yard

While I prepped everything for our little play date/kids party
We had such a great time!


Meh... woke up feeling terrible.

For breakfast I had a toasted english muffin with peanut butter and sliced bananas


I made steak for dinner on Valentines Day

Doesn't it just look delicious?

Opening our valentines day gifts
(I love the kids expressions in this photo)


Little Em's favorite food

Cupcakes are a staple in our house.
Seriously.. We have cupcakes every week!
Why not, they are so pretty and yummy.

Hubby brought me home some macrons from nuvrei

I already went through a box of tissues by Wednesday, my nose was sore and I just wanted to climb in bed. But the macrons made my day!


Little man has been teething this whole week.
So we have been using teething tablets. (they seem to help for an hour or so) I just don't like giving him pain killers. I have been considering getting an amber teething necklace. I keep thinking, oh he's done teething, then BAM he starts teething again. I may just go down to cotton babies and pick one up for him on Sunday. Does anyone have any advice on the Amber necklace? do you think it works or not?

I decided to try out burts bees diaper cream since little man got a rash from all the watery stools he has been having and my usual diaper cream didn't seem like it was helping.
The Burts Bees got rid of most of the rash after just two uses.
However, I don't think it is cloth diaper safe. (has anyone use this cream with cloth diapers?leave a comment please) I may just strip this whole diaper lot, just to be safe.


Such a gloomy rainy day

That's our week!

Thanks for visiting :)


  1. Hi there,

    I swear by our amber necklace. my little man wears it all the time (apart from baths and night time). We really notice the difference if he doesn't have it on and so far we've not had any problems with his teeth.

    With regards to cloth nappies and cream, we use Metanium (not sure if you have that in the US-I'm in the UK) and it works a treat. I do line our nappies with a fleece liner though so it doesn't affect their use. I've just cut up a fleece blanket from Ikea, which works perfectly.

    Hope that helps-love the blog!

    1. Thank you so much! I am going to give it a go. I checked online on cotton babies, they dont carry it. Did you end up getting yours online?

  2. The metanium do you mean? I'm in the UK and you can get it from any pharmacy. The supermarkets stock it too.