This week in pictures...

So finally, after the whole month of January, no one was sick anymore.
Thank God we are all well again.

It has been a fun week for us!

Here is a few pics I snapped this week.


Hubby needed to go to the mall, so we made a day of it
and went shopping and then out for dinner

My daughter found this cute ballerina doll to play with

The little man found a cozy place to sit at while I looked around the kids section

I found this super cute rain coat for the little man


I worked on some valentine party things

While I was crafting, my daughter was playing "mommy and baby"


Having breakfast and pretending to be a fireman!

My dad flew in for a visit :)


Package from ELF!
I love getting packages in the mail :)

Picked up some pretty cupcakes


Went grocery shopping:

I had to snap this pic, my daughter was playing "fisherman"
It was too cute!

I took the kids to the park
It was chilly but at least it wasn't raining.

It has been a lovely week!

What have you guys been up to this week?