What's in my cloth diaper bag...

There are a few people that I know who are very skeptical about cloth diapering. Which is normal, because I was skeptical when I first found out about it.
But now that I have been cloth diapering my son for a whole year, I can honestly say that I am never going back to disposables. There is no reason why I would. Cloth diapering is easy, saves money and great for the environment. Plus those the diapers are so cute!

But this post is not about me selling you cloth diapering. :)

One of the many questions I get is:

"How do cloth diaper on the go?" I say "I pack a diaper bag just like you"

LOL, I guess it seems strange and hard for people. But really, it is no different then using disposable diapers. Instead of tossing my dirty diapers into the trash, I bring them home to wash.

Anyways, I decided to do a "what is in my diaper bag post". Keep in mind that my little man is now one and we don't need as much stuff as we did when he was younger.

When I am running to the grocery store, I usually just take one diaper in my Kushies wet bag

It looks like this when it is packed to go:

Here is everything in it:
I have some wipes in my zippered wipe bag (in the summer I wet the wipes at home, but now that it is cold outside, I try to wet the wipes with warm water when I am changing little man. Or if there is no water where I am at, I use the diaper potion spray (it isn't very often that there is no warm water as I am still on my first bottle of the potion spray).
I always grab a receiving blanket so I can put it on the changing table.

When I changed the diaper, I would put the dirty diaper and receiving blanket into the wet bag and throw the dirty diaper into my diaper bin and the receiving blanket into laundry when I get home. Is that hard? Nope :)

When we are going out for a few hours I take my diaper bag

Same thing, diapers, wipes, spray and wet bag

A receiving blanket and a bib

Spare change of clothes

Some toys

Water, snacks and a baby spoon

Off course little man has his blankie with him since it is cold outside now.

That's it, see I pack a diaper bag just like everyone else. Not hard, easy peasy.

If you want to see more posts on how I cloth diaper, like my washing routine, what wipes I use, how I store wipes. Let me know.

Thanks for visiting :)

I even cloth diapered while flying to visit family and on vacations. So it is not hard at all.

So whats in your diaper bag?


  1. All I can say is Thank you for these kind of posts. As you know, I am going to CD my little one too, and I have a million questions. Yes, please do a post on how to wash them. How to store them. We are planning a vacation to visit my parents after birth, and I was actually considering disposables to go. But now, I dont think its that different as when I'm home, so any tips would be great. I'd appreciate any advice you can give out, as I'm new to this, and might not know all that I need to begin.

  2. I'd like to learn more about how to clean the diapers. That's the part that weirds me out the most.
    Also, I'm in an apartment in a big city, and do all of my laundry at laundromat... would that even work?

    It'd be great to get your input!

  3. Because of you I am planning on cloth diapering. My cousin has 3 kids in diapers and I have also tried to convince her to switch. Do you use the flushable inserts? I would love a post all about what you recommend!

  4. Love this... been cloth diapering my little one for a year as well... You have the same zip wet bag & petunia diaper bag! ...LOVE