This week in pictures...

This whole month has not been the best month.
It seems that every week someone in our house has been sick.
First my husband, then me, then my son and now my daughter.

Just when I think, whew.. that's over, someone else gets sick.

Anyways, here is how our week looked like

So, I am going to start my week off with last Saturday night
No one was sick anymore, everyone was finally better, I really wanted to get out of the house. So we all went shopping. Got a little something for everyone.

Saturday night we had my favorite vegetarian pizza!
(my hubby thinks its weird that I eat pizza with a fork, is it?
am I weird not to want my hands to get dirty? )

We went to a birthday party on Sunday!

Little Em wanted to hold the present :)

Daddy and the little man.
I made him a dinosaur hoodie after I saw this post

@ the party, we had this chocolate, fudgy birthday cake. was delicious!

I decided to start a vitamin regimen this week
I want to become more healthy. Doesn't everyone?

Then my poor baby got sick :(
running a fever and runny nose

My daughter won't drink medicine, she literally just spits it out on the floor. The only thing she will take are these chewable pills. They help her temperature go down, so that's good.

We went on a walk on Thursday since the rain stopped and the sun came out.
We did a scavenger hunt

Since my daughter is sick, I made two of her favorite things
(which I have been snacking on, which probably wasn't the best idea)

I am planning a little valentines day party for the kidos, so I started working on some things this week
Bought this Raspberry coffee cake this week, it was amazing with my morning cup of tea :)

Well that wraps our week up. What did you do this week?
I pray my little baby feels better soon and this virus is gone for good.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Sorry you had a sick week.I like your mini scavenger hunt idea!

  2. Aww Hope you are perfectly fine now. Loved your picture. The yummiest pizza picture lol and specially the dianasour hoodie looks cute.. Have a good day. Sp