We all want to start out the holiday season just right, in other words the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Because, just right around the corner there is Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, spending time with your family. All while listening to Christmas music. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

So once Thanksgiving rolls around, everyone gets busy planning, shopping, chopping and roasting. After spending hours in the kitchen, It is almost sad how fast we inhale our food.

But lets not forget what this days stands for

We come together to to give thanks to out God for our blessings this year.

So what have you been blessed with?

I have been blessed with my wonderful family

I have been blessed with a home to live in

I have been blessed with clothes to keep us warm this winter

I have been blessed with a husband who works hard to support his family

I have been blessed with health

I have been blessed with food on my table every day

The list can go on and on...

I thank my God every day for everything he has blessed me with. Because without him I would have nothing.

I hope you all have had a blessed Thanksgiving. :)


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