Painting our Kitchen Cabinets

We recently remodeled our kitchen. We were on a tight budget, so to keep costs down we decided to paint our own cabinets.
It was a lot of hard work but certainly worth it.

Take a look at the before:


First thing we did, was take down all the doors and drawers and gave them a good sanding.
We sanded all the way down to the wood

We used a 80 grit and then a 180 to smooth out the wood using a mouse sander

We used this sprayer, which I have to say worked very great for the price
(the important thing is to clean it well after using)

First we put a coat of Valspar Latex primer using the sprayer

The spray gun gives a nice thin coat

While I was priming the doors, hubby was installing crown molding over the cabinets

First step:

2nd step:

The primer dries very quick, I was able to prime both front and back in a few hours:

Then we did two coats of Valspar Kitchen and Bath paint (color: blanched pine) , using the spray gun:

Its a good thing it was nice outside, so the doors could dry fast:

After the cabinet doors were drying, I taped off everything and sanded everything down.

So after sanding, I prepped my painting tray and primed and painted the cabinets using a foam roller and an angled brush:

I did one coat of primer and two coats of paint

Ok, now back to the cabinet doors.
After two coats of paint with the spray gun
you can see a slight wood grain, since with the spray gun, the paint didn't seep into the wood grain:

This is where I took my foam roller and rolled on a coat:

Much better:

Finally after everything was painted, I cleaned out all the cabinets and out
new contact paper in.

All the drawers and cabinets were organized

All the hard work pays off:

Just a FYI, we started this project on Sunday and hung up the cabinet door on Thursday.

I was painting the cabinets on my own, while taking care of two little kids.

So if I can do it, so can you!

Thanks for visiting. :)


  1. We are in the process of painting our cabinets too. It is a lot of work, and I am hoping that it will all be worth it. Yours turned out beautifully!!

  2. You made it look really easy. I'm definitley inspired!

  3. Fabulous inspiration, thanks for sharing! You'll have to share how you like the white cabinets. We live in a rental and I hate the white cabinets because I've had trouble keeping them clean. I don't know whether it's the nature of white-painted stuff or because it's a rental and they were painted cheaply (need some more poly on them or something).

  4. WOW what a makeover!! I love the new painted cabinets! Awesome job!!

  5. Did you do the subway tile on your own too? I would love to see the steps you took to do that. Looks awesome, all of it!

  6. This is awesome! How/What did you do for the counter tops?

  7. This looks great! My dream kitchen is very similar--wood counter-tops, subway tile, painted cabinets. My question: why did you decide to do away with the over-the-range microwave? I'm considering putting one in and I want to know the pros and cons. Plus, any idea how much room I need to leave between my range top and the microwave bottom?

  8. Hey, what did you do for countertops.. is it really butcher block or a laminate that looks like wood? Thanks.