Shared Kids Room Tour

Well, I think I am finally done with this room. For now at least :)

Let me tell you a little bit about this room. This was the office/bonus room located right next to the master bedroom.
I love this room because it gets lots of light all day long and it is one of the biggest rooms (excluding the master).

In order for us to have an office, we had to put the kids in one room. I know some people are against boys/girls sharing rooms, But I don't see it as a problem since they are still very young.

Since this room was a bonus room, it did not have a closet. That wasn't a problem, I just went and picked up a nice sized wardrobe from IKEA.

I wish all rooms had wardrobes, that way you can move it up against any wall you want and get the wardrobe of any size you want.

So after moving the furniture around, I came up with an arrangement which seems to work.

This room used to be light brown (I forgot to take before pics)
I chose to paint it Manhattan Mist by Behr.

I chose a neutral paint color so it would go for both the boy and girl and I would still be able to use lots of bright pops of color throughout the whole room.

So lets go take a look:

Laminate floors were installed in here by the previous owner
The shaggy rug is from Target and is nice and soft to sit and play on

The left side of the room has both of the beds

The bedding is from Target
(I bought it before my son was born last year, so they no longer carry it)

My daughter's bed is from IKEA, they no longer carry this one.
My sons crib is from Babies R US
Some toys are stored under the bed

This is on your right as you walk in
The changing table and the dresser are from IKEA

4 bins full of toys on the lower shelves of the changing table

The wardrobe:

First shelf is more cloth diapering/baby things and the rest are more toys (sigh)

I already took a carload of toys to goodwill, there is still to much

most of the clothes are folded in the dresser, however, some clothes and coats are here.
Shoes, diaper bag and hats/mittens are on the lower shelves

The window is nice and big with lots of light which is why I love this room so much!

The curtain panels are from Target
I needed a place for the books, so this bench/shelf from Target works great.
The kids can sit and look out the window and it serves a purpose to store books

The dresser is from IKEA
The lamp is from Target

And off course a little girl needs her bows and ribbons
The mirror is thrifted (I just spray painted it white)

The shelf was thrifted and spray painted white, it is
above my daughters bed, and keeps her water bottle next to her during the night since there is no room for a nightstand

I bought this curtain wire from IKEA, so I can easily change out artwork and photos

Some free artwork I made
Read more about it here

Since this was a office, the door is glass. Which I love for the kids room, because even with the door shut, I can still keep an eye on them.

That concludes our Kids room tour, I hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I love the room. You have it organized so well and it turned out really cute. I especially love the little window seat. I just posted my kids shared room this week too. You can see it here:

  2. that looks great! im loving the colors you chose. my 3 kiddos will be share one room i can have a craft room:) ok, the truth is my son still wants to sleep in the same room as his sisters. i find nothing wrong with it either. not until i have another room built for my craft stuff:)

  3. This room is absolutely adorable! I wish I could have a room like this:) (Im such a big kid...I think I like my daughter's room more than she does)

  4. Love the bright colors against the grey walls! What a cute little room :)

  5. So cute! Love all the colors :)

  6. Love the colors and the glass door!

  7. such a fun room!! all the bright colors and functional pieces!! love it!

  8. loving your color choices and those curtains are perfect!

    found you via the weekend wrapup party and think you may like my special shabby chic giveaway:

    thanks so much for sharing!



  9. Such a bright and cheerful room! You did a wonderful job!

  10. Good Morning!

    Just love your tutorial! I am featuring it on my blog today { }!! Have a very {Marvelous} Monday and a Happy Fall!


  11. The room looks so neat and very organized. Lovely colors as well.

  12. I love the window seat area! And the wall the mirror is on looks so cute with the flowers. + I love the way you have hung the kids' art! Good job :)
    I've just started following your blog - would love if you wanted to come check mine out too!

  13. That is gorgeous! Way to go! Very clever solutions for a shared space!

  14. I love this. Perfect for a little boy and girl. I love the colors and all the elements you chose. I have been eyeing that Ikea wall hanger for my son's artwork for some time now.

  15. That looks great! You have really used every inch of space available to make a happy, harmonious room. I love the bedding and the art hanging from a wire. The kids must love it! I am a new follower from Show Me What Ya Got. Vicky from

  16. I love the bright colors you used! Great job!

  17. Absolutely adorable. You did a great job with the color scheme. I would love for you to come by tonight and link up to my Fall into Fall party that opens at 8pm EST. Hope to see you there.

  18. It is SO hard to find shared boy and girl room ideas!!! My son (5) and daughter (4) have their own rooms, but I'm pregnant with number three and there are no more free rooms to be had. I'm thinking the most ideal situation is to put the older kids together and use one of their rooms for baby. I really like the colors you used. The toy situation gets out of control quickly, doesn't it? I need to do another operation clean sweep at our house too.
    Thanks for sharing a rarity in the shared room world. I'm gonna poke around while I'm here....

  19. I adore this space!! I am your newest follower.

    Also, it looks like you're all done, but if you are interested, there is a big nursery/kids room art giveaway happening on my blog but ending today. If you'd like, come by and check it out (and if you want, follow along as well)

    So happy I found your blog


  20. Uh oh I spoke too soon == I can't seem to follow. Any idea what's up? Will come back later and try again

  21. This is such a cute room. Thanks for sharing it.

    I just finished my daughter's nursery (which is probably why I was so drawn to looking at this post, I love seeing how people do kid's rooms).

    You can see it here


  22. Lovely room--clean and organized and great kid colors. Great job!

  23. I really love what you've done with the room. The colors are perfect for your kiddos- very gender neutral, and the bedding is super cute. All of the Ikea touches are super fun too. You've done a great job making the space super functional. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Holy Moly! What a perfect room! Thank you sooo much for linking last week to once upon a weekend! you're being featured at tonight's party. stop by and grab a featured button if you can!

  25. Very cute! I think that is the same grey color that I painted my studio. Love it more every day.

  26. How bright and colorful! Awesome job!
    Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!

  27. I love how it turned out and all the fun bright colors! Thanks for linking with us!


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    Nursery Peabody