Nicholas is 10 months old!

I can not believe that my little man is already 10 months old!!! I more so can not believe that I need to start planning his 1st birthday already!

This little man is growing so quick. We went to his check up last week and found out that he weighs 24 pounds which puts him in the 91st percentile and is 32 inches long which puts him in the 100 percentile. What can I say, he is a big boy. He now wears 18-24 months clothing.

He has 8 teeth and loves eating real food. He no longer cares for baby food. He will spit it out. He wants the real deal. Whatever we are having for dinner, I give to him mashed up or pureed.

I forgot to ask my doctor if I could introduce milk to him at this age, anyone know?

He crawls everywhere, gets into places he shouldn't be, I really have to watch this little curious monkey.

We are still breast feeding and co-sleeping

Oh, this isn't about little man, but I have finally lost ALL of the baby weight.
I have not been dieting or exercising. I just slowly lost all the baby weight.
I did burn calories by breast feeding, which is great!

(I never lost all the baby weight after my daughter, so this is big for me)

Well, until next time then.


  1. Hey, my daughter's pediatrician said not to introduce cows milk before the first birthday. I am definitely not an expert on it, but he said that it had to do with allergies (I guess milk allergies are common) and that the baby still needs those calories from breast feeding.

    It may be different for different babies though! He is adorable!

    Also, congratulations on loosing that baby weight! Yay! :)

  2. I know some babies who had cow's milk since infants, and were ok, but I do understand the reasons why drs are saying not until age one. If he is bf, I dont see why you want to give him cows milk. bmilk is more gentle. If you are worried about calcium intake, he can have yogurt, or cheese.