Lets Eat Cake!

We celebrated my husbands birthday this week.

In honor of my man's 26th birthday I give you 26 reasons why I love this man!

1. He takes care of me and the kids
2. His sense of humor (he is super funny)
3. He makes me feel safe
4. He is my best friend
5. He is a Christian and goes to church every week
6. He is a cutie
7. He has great style
7. He is the bread winner and works hard everyday to provide for his family
8. He is smart
9. He cleans up after himself (most of the time)
10. He cleans my car
11. He keeps our yard and garage clean and neat
12. He puts up with me
13. He encourages me
14. He spends time with the kids after a long hard day at work
15. He buys me cupcakes and chocolates :)
16. He'd rather buy me or the kids something then himself
17. He always wants the best for his family
18. He is honest
19. He loves 5 guys, because so do I!
20. He takes the trash out
21. He is the electronic guru who I can turn to when I need help
22. He is my handy man
23. He is a great friend to others
24. He loves God
25. He loves his kids
26. He loves me

He blew the candles out with one blow.

Don't judge the cake. I know it looks terrible. But is tasted mighty good!!

I made a German chocolate cake. Here is the link to the recipe I used.

Happy Birthday again hubby!

I love you so much


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