Where have I been??

I want to apologize for no recent posts, But life at our house has been hectic for the past few weeks.

We got back from vacation on the 6th, It took me a while to get the house back into order, do the grocery shopping, unpack and so forth.

Then I "had" to paint/rearrange/organize the kids room. I put both of the kids together in one room (Little man still sleeps with me during the night but he naps in his crib during the day which is in the kids room)
We also put their toys in their room to (we used to have a play room) but the amount of toys just kept growing and growing so we donated a trunk full of toys to Goodwill.

By putting the two kids into one room I will have a dedicated craft/sewing room!! Wohoo!! I am thrilled. I just need to find a sewing table and a craft table (I have been checking craigslist daily, since it isn't in our budget to get something new right now) So my sewing machine is on the floor right now, since hubby stole my desk. :(

What used to be my craft room/play room has became the office since hubby got a desk top and needs a place for all his things. So I had to paint/rearrange and organize that room.

Then as if we didn't have enough on our plates, we took up the project to fix up our kitchen. It took me all week to paint the kitchen cabinets. We need new counters, appliances, back splash. It is a slow process since we are trying to save money by doing things ourselves. Plus I think it is fun to DIY. :) I will post pics up as soon as all the doors are hung. (Home Depot didn't have enough hinges, so I have to go to the Home depot across town tomorrow)

Working on these projects while caring for my kids has been very time consuming, So I have not been able to blog, post pics or anything like that.

But I will soon, I promise :)


  1. understand there momma...about the whole house thing:) we are working like crazy over here to finish 1/2 our house...with 3 little ones under our feet, stealing our tools and making more messes to clean up:) we have 3 in one room and it works except for the fact that the two girls just got big girl beds last week and i cannot get them to stay in those beds. err! it has been a challenge! cant wait to see your what you have been up to!