Orange Chicken

I LOVE the orange chicken at panda express, so when I found the Panda Express orange sauce at my grocery store I was thrilled!


-2 chicken breasts
-1 cup flour
-salt and pepper
vegetable oil for frying

Ok, it is really simple. Cut up your chicken into bite size pieces

In a large (gallon size) zip lock bag combine flour, salt and pepper (to your taste) then throw in the cut up chicken, close the bag and give it all a good shake to coat the chicken.

Heat about 4 TB of vegetable oil in a large frying pan

Once you have coated all the chicken and the pan is hot, carefully place the chicken pieces into the pan and saute until slightly golden

Then add half a can of the orange sauce into the pan and mix together. Turn the burner onto low heat and simmer the chicken in the sauce for about 5 minutes

Then serve on some fried rice and steamed veggies and you have got yourself a yummy meal!


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