Nicholas is 9 months old!

My little man turned 9 months yesterday!

I am so thankful for this little guy in my life, He is a precious little gift from above.

He is growing so quickly, he has 8 teeth and bites and chews everything (including my shoulder)

He is a busy boy, crawling around discovering things he can put in his mouth.

He started pulling himself up which always scares me because sometimes he lets go and ends up falling.

He learned how to drink from a straw and crawl up the stairs (with me right behind him, off-course).

He weighs 23 pounds and wears sizes 18-24 months

He is still breastfed and also on solids

We are still cloth diapering

My little man is growing up so fast, I can not believe that he will be one in 3 months!


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