Pillowcase dress

Summer= cute dresses

Here is a pillow case dress I made for my daughter

(it isn't actually made from a pillowcase, but it follows the same concept)

If you are interested in how I made the dress, then read on:

Cut 2 pieces of fabric:
These measurements are for a size 3-4T.

Put the fabric with the right sides together
Then fold in half
Use a bowl to create the arm holes:

Like this:

This is how it will look once you open the fabric up:

Pin the edges together and sew:

Open and iron both seams:

Next, take some bias tape and apply to the armholes:
(I made my own bias tape using this tutorial)

This is how your dress should look like now:

Next you need to fold and iron down the top to create a casing for the ties :

I used bias tape for the ties, but you can also use coordinating ribbon if you want.

Sew the bias tape shut:

Insert the bias tape into the casing you made (both in the front and back)
Tie the ends together, you can adjust it later when you put the dress on your little one:

Next hem the bottom:

All done!

Enjoying Summer:

Catching butterfly's:

Have a Happy Summer Day!