Week Wrap Up #3 (Inspiration on how to turn trash into treasure)

Well that time has come, time to wrap up the week.
Boy, this week sure up speed by, anyone else feel like that?
It probably has a lot to do with the holiday.

Here are a few lovely things that have caught my attention this week.
They are all home decor/furniture. That is all that has been on my mind lately. I can't wait to start some makeovers in my home, but that will have to wait until after I get back from vacation, until then, I can just go gaga over the pictures, right?

They are a great inspiration to me and I hope they will be for you to.

First of all, check out this beautiful chandelier at The Tall Chick

Love, love, love this idea. Turn a old door into a outdoor table.
Go see how Stacey at Embracing Change does it:

My Latest Project Reveal

OH My!! You MUST go see how Julie at Less Then Perfect Life of Bliss made this bench!

(It was originally a coffee table!)

Allrighty then, Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. These are awesome, Rita! Thank you so much for sharing! Definitely inspiring!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the chandelier idea, my mom & dad were about to trash an antique crystal chandelier they found in the dinning room when they moved into their new (but old) home a few years ago. Before they did, I made them promise to save it for me! I live much too far away right now to pick it up, but I plan to do something fabulous with it as soon as I can!

    By the way, I noticed you are from WA, I grew up in Tacoma but now live in New Mexico with my husband and 18month old. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I am loving yours!

  3. I love the chandelier idea! The color is great!