Russian Eggplant Appetizer

So... My neighbor was over visiting a little while ago, she tried these little eggplant patties, and loved them. So I figured that the next time I make them, I can do a post.

If you are Russian, or know someone Russian, you probably had these...
But for all the other folks out there, let me tell you... they are GOOOOOOOOOD!!
First you need some eggplant.
I usually make 2 for out little family (they are super addictive)

wash and slice up your eggplant (about 1 cm thick):

Season and cook the eggplant- any way you wish:
deep fried

This time I grilled mine (drizzled with olive oil) , it being summer and all:

Prepare the garlic mayo

1/2 cup mayo
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper
3 minced garlic cloves

Then you need some tomatoes and baby dill:
I used 3 vine tomatoes for my 2 medium sized eggplants:



Prepare your platter-
(I always line my platter with napkins to soak up all the grease, Since I grilled my eggplant, there wasn't much grease, but if you deep fried it, this step is a must)

Spread some mayo on the eggplant, like so:

Place the tomato and dill on top:

That's it!

Simple and delicious!

I have also done this with zucchini.
I fried the zucchini and then did the rest of the steps.
(you will need to dice up the tomatoes when you place them on top)
It makes cute and yummy bite size appetizers



  1. Hi! You know, I don't know if I've ever eaten eggplant?? Sounds crazy, but I can't remember, so I'm assuming I haven't! Anyway, this does look delicious, especially the yummy mayonnaise! Perhaps I will be adventurous and give this a try!

  2. oh boy, these will definately be made once the eggplant is ready to be picked. im going to try it with zucchini though. we are overflowing with zucchini right now!

  3. This looks really yummy! I love eggplant and am seriously thinking I want to make some of this over the weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This looks way yummo :) I never know what to do with eggplant...thanks for visiting FFL. I buttoned up :)

    Fancy Frugal Life

  5. Looks so yummy! Great pics, too! I may have to try this recipe :)

  6. Oh yum! I am pinning this! I even have some eggplant from my garden yum!

  7. Oh yum!! This looks delicious!

  8. made these last night but with grilled zucchini and they were delsih!! i ended up mixing the fresh dill in with the mayo and it was the most amazing dip and then with the leftover dip i added a little milk and made a great salad dressing. thanks!! we will definately be making this again and again:)

  9. Instead of the dill you can put some cheese on top of the tomatoes and broil it, but I love it both ways...

  10. Unlike most of you commenters, I actually made this for my dinner party and everyone loved it. I grilled the eggplant with a spritz of garlic-flavored olive oil. The dill was a nice extra layer of flavor.