One Lovely Blog Award

I have been awarded the "one lovely blog award" by Anna @ Puppy Fly Boutique and Shannon @ Shannon Sews.
Thank You so much ladies :)

You have both made my day.

Now here is how it works:

I have to share 7 things about myself that you don't know.
hmmm... Now how deep should I go, LOL.

1. I have been married for 6 years, I got married when I was 18! Shocking huh?

2. I am the 2nd oldest out of 5 sisters and 1 brother.

3. I dream of having a big house with a huge wrap around porch with rocking chairs....

4. I love anything chocolate: brownies, cakes, fudge, ice cream, candy...

5. When I am feeling sad/depressed I clean. My house will be sparkling when I am done.

6. My family loved to Missouri, about a year and a half ago. Now I am here all alone without my mom, dad, sisters or brother. Coming from a big family, it is really hard to get used to having no one around. I miss them very much.

7. I do not watch the news because it stresses me out, there are to many bad things going on in this world and I do not want the details.

Ok, that is 7, otherwise I could go on and on.

Now, I get to pass on the love to new bloggers I've found recently, that I'd like to know more about:

These lucky people can put a copy of the One Lovely Blog Award picture on their blog, with a list of 7 things we don't know about them and pass the love on!


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