Nicholas is 6 months old

My little baby boy is growing up so fast, I can not believe he is 6 months already! (people that is half a year!!!!) I am freaking out a little. The time is flying by so fast, my little kidos are growing up which scares me because it means I am getting older to. :(

Here are some updates on Nico, we started solid foods, So far I had given him store bought food, A bullet is on my list to get so I can start making my own baby food. (my blender is on the fritz) I got a question to any moms out there, after I feed the baby, can I give him something to drink? water? I do breastfeed him every 3 hours, but can I give him something after some baby food?
We are still co-sleeping, which is going great. He falls asleep around 10:30pm and snuggles next to me throughout the night. I nurse him whenever he starts whimpering. He still wakes up at 7:30am, which is a little early for my liking, but he lays in bed playing while I catch up on reading all the wonderful blog posts :). Then he falls asleep around 9am, and then my daughter wakes up. So I am not complaining. :)

Cloth diapering is going great. I actually had my hubby install the diaper sprayer to the toilet since we started solids, his poo changed and now needs to be rinsed off before I throw the diaper in the diaper pail.

On the cloth diapering subject, 4 out of 8 of the Bum Genius 4.0 diapers I got had to be sent back to cotton babies, the snaps keep breaking off. I guess the plastic snaps are not strong enough to survive the tugging. I have a year warranty which is great (they send me a whole brand new diaper), but that runs out in sept, what then? I guess I will have to fix them myself. That is why I love the velcro diapers, true, they start aging a bit faster then the snap diapers, but they are more reliable.

Back to Nicholas, he is rolling around, turning whichever direction he wants to on his tummy, pushing himself back. Everything goes in his mouth. He gets so fussy sometimes with his teeth, I put some Hylands on his gums, he quiets down for a few seconds then starts fussing again. I don't want to use any other remedies. I want to stick to natural and herbal. Which reminds me, has anyone used the Amber necklaces? I saw them online, but I don't anyone who actually used them. If you did, let me know your opinion.

OK, I think I got all of the updates now. Till next time then. :)


  1. Hi, I am your 200th follower and was just having a wee look around your fab blog! You prob have resolved the drink after food question by now but thought I would just say that I always gave my daughter a cup of water with her food (we did baby led weaning) and she was able to drink without spilling from an open cup before she was one. We were also breastfeeding and cosleeping (still cosleeping and she is almost 3....!). x