The mailman brought me presents

I got two packages today, Eeeek!! I love getting Packages.
It feels like my birthday or Christmas.

I actually won 2 giveaways:

This one is from Cursive Arts, (hosted by ninth street notions) Jessica makes beautiful cards and prints.

Here are the ones I chose:
(pardon the photo quality, I was using my cell phone camera)

They are beautiful, I love the quality of the cards. She included a beautiful note. Aww :)

The other giveaway was from Loo-La-Bee Simplicity hosted by (Burlap and blue)

Shaundra has real talent when making these rosette necklaces, I chose this one from her shop. I love the colors. It will match so many outfits this summer. I am super excited. :)

And look how she wrapped it, so pretty:

Thank you ladies for making my day today with these beautiful things. :)