Felt Flower Shoe Clip

I made myself some felt flower shoe clips,

If you want to make some for yourself, then grab your felt and a glue gun and join the fun!

Here are the supplies you need

2 sheets of felt (different colors)
Glue gun
Shoe clips (I get mine from this shop at ETSY)

First start of by cutting your felt in half and then in fourths:

Then cut a large circle out of the quarter of felt. You will need 2 circles of each color:

Then cut your circles into spirals like this:

Dab your glue and start rolling up the felt like so:

Keep adding your glue and rolling:

Until you are finished with your flower
(now go do that to the other 3 flowers)

Next you need 4 leaves in each color:

Glue the 2 flowers together:

Glue the leaves to the back of the flowers:

Your flowers should look like this now:

Then put some glue on the back:

And glue your shoe clip:

Then cut a thin piece of felt that will fit across the back, like this :

And glue it to the back :

That's it!
Now go clip them on your favorite pumps:

You can also clip them to the side:

Or if you don't wear pumps, They look great on wedges:

If you are more of a flip flop person, They look great on them to!

Or you can put them on itty bitty little girl shoes:

Have fun Crafting!


  1. such a cute idea to perk up a plain pair of heels! and i love how versatile it is!

    xx, zhing