Turn a Fat Tie into a Skinny Tie (Tutorial)

So my hubs has A TON of ties. Most of them the fat old ties which he doesn't wear because they are to thick. Instead of buying new skinny ties, I went ahead and "made" them skinny.

Here is a Big Thick Tie:

First Turn the tie upside down and un-stitch it with your seam ripper:

Keep going until you reach the skinniest part of the tie:

Pull out the Tie form (called inlay), and draw an outline of what you want your tie to look like. (I used a skinny tie that hubby had as a stencil)

Cut the lining:

Tuck inlay back into the Lining:

When you ripped the tie apart, one of the sides overlapped the other. Take the side that was being overlapped and trim some of the fabric, tapering as the tie narrows:

Using your iron, press the fabric along the inlay:

Now trim the other side if needed. (you may not need to trim, you could just tuck):

Fold a quarter to half an inch and iron:

Now fold the overlapping side and iron down (try to get the seam in the middle):

Using a thread and needle, hand stitch the two sides together:

Sew the label back or the piece where you tuck the tail in:

Ta Da!!!


  1. That is SUCH a great idea! My husband has dozens of ties, too . . . all the big, fat, ugly, 70s-looking ones. Thanks for the tutorial!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda