Tissue Paper Cherry Blossom Tutorial

The biggest thing I love about Spring are the blooming cherry blossoms, they are so pretty. We happen to have two trees in our front yard. But it seems this year they didn't bloom for to long. Maybe it feels that way since it rained and rained non stop and we didn't really get to enjoy them. Well I made my own tissue paper cherry blossoms that I can enjoy this spring, can you tell they are made out of tissue paper?

First I got some tissue paper ( I used 2 different colors of pink):

I cut the paper in half, then folded it into small squares and drew a 5 petal flower, and cut them out:

I put a blob of hot glue on one of the flowers:

Then I placed another flower cut out on top:

Then (before the glue dried) I squished it all together:

Then placed some hot glue on the end:

And glued them randomly on some branches:

Pretty easy, huh?


  1. This is fantastic! My DD loves cherry blossoms, she is running to find some tissue paper and branches now! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love it! How beautiful and creative. Can't wait to try it. I love to switch out my center pieces, but buying fake flowers can be so expensive.

  3. So cute... I love cherry blossoms and I am dying to see real ones. Sad to say we don't have cherry blossoms here in the Philippines. I'm gonna try it. Thanks for sharing Rita.