Sun Burst Mirror Tutorial

I have wanted to make a sunburst mirror for a while now. I finally decided to give it a try.

I bought this wooden plate/clock base from craft warehouse:

I hammered in a picture hanger to the back:

I divided the wooden plate into equal sections to help me equally glue my BBQ skewers:

Then I used hot glue to glue one skewer on each line:

After that I glue 7 skewers between the ones I applied first:

Done. I let dry over night:

Next day I primed both front and back using gray primer:

Then I spray painted the front with metallic paint:

I got this round mirror at the craft warehouse (in the candle section):

I used liquid nails to glue the mirror one. I let dry for 48 hours:

It was missing the sparkle, So I went to Walmart and picked up these little plastic gemstones:

And just hot glued them around the mirror:

Cost Breakdown:

Wooden plate (craft warehouse): $3.59
Mirror (craft warehouse): $5.99
Skewers (Fred Meyer) (I used 2 packs of 100. Since I already had one in my pantry, I only needed to buy one more: $1.99
Picture Hangers (craft warehouse) .99
Glue Gun and sticks (already had on hand)
Liquid Nails: Already had on hand
Gray Primer (walmart) $3.24
Metallic paint (walmart) $3.24
Plastic Gemstones (walmart) $5.00 (I am rounding up, I don't remember exactly how much they were, I know they were four something)

TOTAL COST: $24.04


  1. I love a sunburst mirror! Great job! {found you through Tip Junkie...)

  2. Awesome ideas! Rita, keep those ideas coming I love your blog it's so much fun reading it! :)

  3. Well thanks you Violetta. I love writing and sharing things on my blog. :)

  4. Love this! I'm going to try with metal spikes - once I figure out what they might be :) Found you through Tip Junkie..


  5. Your mirror turned out great! I recently made one with skewers, too!

  6. i have seen a lot of sunburst tutorials and yours has to be the cutest by far! i love the jewels you put on it, it really pulls everything together well. i have been exploring your blog and i love all of your fun ideas! i am your newest follower :) come and check out my blog sometime free to follow me back :)

  7. I love this! Can you tell me the size plate and mirror you used please?