Striped Curtains from Sheets

I had a vision in my head of these perfect curtains for my two windows downstairs. They black/white and very bold.
My white curtains just were not working for me anymore. They just blended right into the walls. Since there isn't an option for us to paint right now, I wanted to change the curtains.

But after visiting a couple stores and searching online, I couldn't find what I was looking for. I considered just getting 4 black curtain panels at Target, but didn't want to settle for something I wasn't completely happy with.

So I decided that if I could make make a shower curtain, then why not try and make my "vision" curtains my self.

I couldn't find any wide striped fabric. The closest I found was this. It had a great price to, but it wasn't what I was looking for.

So I went to Target and bought:

1 white queen flat sheet $11.99(for the sliding door panels)
1 black queen flat sheet $11.99 (was enough for stripes on all 4 panels)
1 white full flat sheet $9.99 (for window in family room)

Total cost: $33.97

And I made 4 curtain panels. Now they are not perfect, But I am really glad I went ahead and made them.


First I folded my curtain horizontally in half and ironed it to get that nice ironed edge:

Then I took my scissors and cut the curtain in half on that ironed edge:

Since I was working with a sheet, one of the edged on both of the panels was already finished. So I just finished the other edge by folding and ironing down 1/2 a inch:

Then another 1/2 inch:

Then I sewed the edge:

For the top, I just folded the fabric about 4 inches on the wrong side and sewed it :

For the bottom, I measured the length I wanted, I didn't have to cut any fabric, I just folded it up (about 4 inched) twice and ironed and sewed:

Now came the part of the stripes.

First I devided the Queen sheet in half horizontally (each half gave me 8 stripes which was enough for 2 panels)
I used a big carpenters square, cutting mat, tape measure and rotary cutter to insure that I got the perfect stripe.

I cut each stripe 10 inches wide.

My little helper :)

Then I ironed each edge of the stripe Half a inch:

I determined/measured/marked where I wanted each stripe on the panel and pinned in place:

Since the stripe was to long, I cut it and folded under and pinned:

Like this:

OK, all pins in place:

Now I sewed a rectangle around each stripe:

All done:

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  1. They look great!! I wish I knew how to sew!! *jealous* :o)

  2. Those are amazing. I need to learn to sew asap! I'm a brand new follower. I saw your post on BCD and had to check out your curtains :) Love them.

  3. these are gorgeous and what a great lift it gives to the don't need to paint i reckon...fab

  4. These looked fantastic! Great job.


  5. Your drapes look amazing! I love how they look in your kitchen too with your dark table. I host a party on Thursday's called DIY Thrifty Thursday and I would love you to link up this and any other ideas you have!

  6. Those look really good! I love a bold horizontal stripe. I don't think I would ever guess those are sheets!

  7. Visiting from A2D....

    Love the curtains and like lots of others, I'm so envious of people who can sew!

  8. I LOVE how much of a difference the stripes make! I'm a big fan of working with sheets - I just decorated my nursery with some. :)

  9. Those look great!! I'm a sucker for a bold stripe!!! If I could only sew straight for more than 6" I might attempt these!! ;)

  10. they look amazing! such a good idea! I have nothing on my windows. no curtains or blinds and I cant find anything that I like anywhere. Making your own is perfect! :)

  11. Thank you so much for all of the comments, I really appreciate you guys taking the time. :)

  12. Beautiful! I need curtains for every window of my house, so I love cheap solutions!

  13. ok I love your blog! I am your newest follower! I love these curtains. I just did white one sin our living room from sheets, but wasn't sure what else to do to them to spruce them up. I love the stripes. I am doing them now. Thanks for all the fun sewing ideas. Stop by and say hi if you want.

  14. Your curtians look AMAZING!! Great job! Thanks so much for the tutorial. For a beginner you are GOOD!!

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  16. These look amazing and just what your space needed! So want to try this!

    Following from Funky Junk Interiors and I linked up, hope you can stop by for a visit!


  17. Love the look, love the price! Kudos to a job well done! I'm gonna be a new follower in about 2.5 seconds... :-) Jules

  18. I plan to make these for my living room. Thanks for a great tutorial.

  19. Your curtains turned out just gorgeous - beautiful!!! I've got your tutorial linked to my no-sew curtains roundup post today as well, nice work!

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  21. But after visiting a couple stores and searching online, I couldn't find what I was looking for. I considered just getting 4 black curtain panels at ...