Personalized T-Shirts

I read somewhere that you can use freezer paper as a stencil. I have wanted to try it for a while now. I bought freezer paper at Walmart about 3 weeks ago and am just now getting to this little craft.

I decided to go ahead and make Emily and Nicholas personalized shirts. Here is how I did it:

First I opened Word on my computer and printed out my kids names with the size and font I wanted the name to appear on the shirts:

Then I got my freezer paper out:

I cut out some freezer paper and traced the names on it with the shiny part of the paper down:

Then using my exacto knife I carefully cut out the names creating a stencil:

With Nicholas' name, (the o and a are missing the center):

I kept the center parts:

Then I went to my ironing board and ironed down the freezer paper (the hot iron causes the paper to stick to the fabric), I was very careful and made sure every little nook was sealed:

Here are the shirts with the freezer paper stencil sealed :

Next I took out some acrylic paint and textile medium:
(note: the textile medium should be added to acrylic paint to make sure the paint does not crack when washed, if you have fabric paint, then you don't need the medium)

I needed two parts paint and one part medium:

I mixed it all together:

I put some paper under the top of the shirt to prevent any paint leaking thru to the back:

Then I took my brush and carefully dabbed the paint on:

Then I let the shirts completely dry:

Then I carefully removed the stencil paper:

I used my exacto knife to remove little parts:

Then I sealed the paint with a warm iron (I carefully patted the iron down):


  1. Cute! Thanks for the tutorial...I'm gonna try this.

  2. Hi,

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  3. Freezer paper is definitely a great tool as a stencil. I’ve been using this type of paper for many years in designing my family’s T-shirts and in different types of clothing. Have you tried any design aside from the names of your kids? Why don’t you try the Disney characters? I think they would love it.

    *Linda Fox