Beef Egg Rolls

These may not be your average Asain egg rolls. But I love them so much. There are NEVER any left over. They are good hot or even cold from the fridge (I sneak them out one at a time)


You need:

-about 2 lbs ground beef
-1/4 of a head of cabbage (thinly sliced)
-3 large carrots shredded
-1 package of egg roll wraps
-salt, pepper
-Vegetable oil for frying

Here are the egg roll wraps I buy:

First you need to heat a large skillet and season the ground beef with salt and pepper. Cook on medium heat until cooked thru.

While the beef is cooking prepare the carrots and cabbage.

Once the beef is cooked, remove from skillet and put in a large bowl. Using the same skillet put the carrots and cabbage (season with salt and pepper) in there and cook until limp. Once they have reached that stage, remove from the skillet and put in the bowl with the beef. Mix together, This is what you should have now:

You need to prepare a large skillet for frying the egg rolls, Pour enough to cover the egg roll half way. Turn on medium heat.

Prepare a place where you will drain the egg rolls of oil. I use a large bowl lined with napkins to collect the oil:

Ok, now to the assembling of the eggroll. Lay the wrap in a diamond shape. Using a pastry brush, brush all 4 corners with water.

Place about 2 TB of the filling on the bottom portion of the diamond shape, like so:

Now fold like a envelope:

And wrap up. If you wet the corners with water, then the egg roll will remain closed:

Your oil should be hot now. I usually put in one egg roll to test it out. Hence:

Once your side turns golden brown, turn over, Both sides should look like this:
Cation, they cook pretty fast, so don't go anywhere.

Drain in the bowl you prepared:

Enjoy with some sweet and sour sauce:


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