Dyeing Fabric

So.. I went to Joann's today to get some elastic for some skirts I am planning on making. I was disappointed at the selection. All they have is black and white. I asked the woman at the cutting table if there are any different colors, she said no, but I could dye the elastic. WOW! she showed me where the fabric dye was and I almost went into a panic attack with all the choices. LOL. My mind was spinning with possibility's.

I got this Dye:

If I remember correctly, it was about $2.68. (The whole box dyes up to 3 lbs of fabric, I am not sure how many yards that is. But I only used about 1/4 of the package and put the rest away for future use)

If you read the instructions on the inside of the package, you can either dye the fabric by boiling, using the washing machine or in a sink or bucket. I just used a big bowl.

Ok, Here is what I started with:

I have two elastic pieces and a piece of cotton knit which I will use to make some pants for Nicholas.

First I got a bowl full of hot water. Enough to cover all my fabric.

Then I added about 1/4 of the dye package and stirred it up:

Then I put all my fabric/elastic pieces in there and kept stirring for about 10 minutes until I got the color I wanted. (The package says that you can keep the fabric in there for 10-30 minutes:

Then I rinsed out the fabric/elastic until the water ran clear:

And here are the dyed items:

Next the directions say to wash the fabric and dry before use.

Look how pretty the yellow elastic looks with that blue stripped fabric :)


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