Crafty Tuesday

First of all, I got to say that the time really flies with me as a stay at home mom. It used to be that the work week dragged on, but nope, not anymore. Now that I have developed a schedule with the 2 kidos and got my new toy (sewing machine) The time just flies by.

We went to story time today at the local library again. I just wanted to start snapping pictures of Emily there, She is so adorable, siting and listing intently to the stories. But I am sure the other moms will think I am weird. This was her second time, so she was a little bit more confident now. I think this is great, since I am not putting her into pre-school, this way she will interact with some kids her age.

Now onto a different subject, I try to take at least one or two pictures of the kids everyday, Here are a few of Nicholas before his bath time.

Nicholas playing peekaboo in his crib:

Here he is again. He is such a drooler now
The front of his onesie is always wet now, and I personally do not like bibs. I think they are just to bulky and ruin the whole outfit. (listen to me, I am sure Nicholas doesn't care if his bib doesn't match his onesie, but I do) Anyways, I discovered these drool catchers when they were on sale on TOTSY. I got 4 of them for $20.00. I think it is a pretty good deal since each is usually $10.00. Here is Nicholas sporting his drool catcher.
Isn't he just Cute?

I am sure it is super easy to make some, just need some soft fabric and velcro. I may do just that.

OK, now my crafty updates. I wanted to sew something but didn't have the car yesterday to buy some fabric. I pulled out this old stained sheet (I accidentally stained it by putting Mrs Stewarts bluing right on top of it in the washer. I haven't been able to get it out) and I had a little pillow. So I decided to try and make a pillow case I have seen a tutorial on. Here is the tutorial:

Out of that whole big heap of mess above, I created a pretty pillow:

Not bad, eh? Its just a simple pocket back. No zipper. Well next I want to make a ruffle pillow. Will have to find a tutorial on how to make ruffles.

OK, Next I wanted to share a little tiny project I did. I went to Goodwill on Sunday ( I am looking for a mirror) Didn't find much, but I found this tray for only $2.99:

Eww.. What a ugly tray, you probably think. But wait. You can transform anything (well almost anything) with a little bit of paint. I stopped by Walmart and grabbed some light blue spray paint.

My inspiration was this pretty blue:

And Here is the tray after:

A little bit of paint goes a long way
I also hot glued some ribbon and plastic rhinestones I had. I think it turned out great.

Happy mothering and happy crafting to you all :)


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