Busy Wednesday

First of all, let me tell you all that I finally got a sewing machine! ( I had one, but it broke like a year ago, and the price to fix it was more then the machine was worth)
So I did some research on a top rated affordable sewing machine and went with the Singer Esteem II (only $137 at target) I bought it last night and couldn't wait to start working on some projects!!

Here she is:
Let me tell you right away that I am in NO way a seamstress. I can only sew simple things like curtain panels and pillow cases (but I believe that practice makes perfect... SO one day I want to be making my own clothes ) So my first simple project was a gift for my mom, her birthday is in a week. I decided to make her an apron and a matching tea towel.
I bought the awesome fabric at IKEA. (I was there buying the little man a high chair) here he is in the in his brand new high chair. I love this high chair because it is not bulky and have been wanting to get it since Emily was a baby. It is super light ( I can easily carry it up and down the stairs with the baby in it. Off course it is not recommended you do that. LOL) The best part is that it was only $25 for the high chair and tray! Here is a linkhttp://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30069724

OK, enough about the high chair. back to mom's bday gift. Here is the apron I made her:

I used yellow crossgrain ribbon for the ties. (I wanted to use the farbic, but it was to stiff and didn't look to nice) I also made a felt flower pin (so she can take the pin off and put it back on if she wants)

Here is a close up of the tea towel. I should have opened it up for you all to see it in full, but oh well. I was rummaging through the IKEA clearance fabric bins and found a large pillow case which was only $2. So I decided to use it for the tea towel. I just cut the pillow case open and sewed up all the edges and added the fabric and ribbon to match:
Here it is all ready to be wrapped with a pretty card I made:

I only got one yard of fabric, but I had enough left over to make a apron for myself to!

And offcourse my felt flower pin:
Ok, enough about sewing. (Sorry Ms Singer, I will get back to you)

Yesterday I took the kids to story time at the local library. Emily really like it, She kept asking to go back there today. Anyways.. They read a couple books, sang some songs and had a puppet show. So Emily came and asked me to make her a sock puppet. I was shocked.. Really?? You want me to make you a puppet out of a sock? Heck, why not? So I pulled out the mismatched socks and made her a sock puppet complete with buttons for eyes and nose ( well to be exact it is a bunny with floppy little ears) She was thrilled. This just reminds me how simple children are, They don't need  expensive toys. They just want something simple. I wish everything in life was just as simple.

Anyways, enough for now. Will go and try to get the little man to go to sleep. Signing out.....


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