Guess who is 2 months old???

(Nicholas is 2 months old)

I haven’t blogged in a long time, I guess that is expected with a brand new baby and a 3 year old. Lets see, what’s new? I quit my job, I will be staying home with my two kidos. I got to say I miss my job. I miss getting up and out of the house and most of all I miss getting that pay check. LOL. But it had to be done. Since my family moved out of state (thanks a lot guys) I am here with no one to watch my kids, Well no one I feel comfortable and completely trust. But its for the best now. Eventually I will go back to work.
Nicholas is now 2 months old, at his last check up, he was 15 lbs! Wow he is huge. He is such a good baby. Here is what his day looks like. I am going to start with the time he goes to bed at night:
*goes to bed at 12am
*wakes up during the night to nurse around 3am and 5am. After nursing he goes back to sleep.
* He gets up at 8am.
*He goes back to sleep around 10am, he usually sleeps till 12 or one. (this is the time I clean the house, cook, do laundry and so forth)
*Then he usually takes another nap around 5-7.
*And when he is awake during the day, he just lays around and goos and coos. He is such a sweet heart, a very low maintenance baby.
Its difficult for me to stay home all day since I have been working full time since I was 16. Sometimes I don’t get out of the house for a entire week. But hopefully once the warm weather gets here I will be able to go on walks with my kidos. Now is the time for me to give my entire attention to my kids and family. At this time I believe it is the right decision no matter how hard it was for me.


  1. Rita,

    I LOVE your blog!! Thanks so much for sharing it, I really enjoyed reading it. I'm happy to hear about your decision to stay home for your kids. I remember how concerned you were about the whole daycare issue, I could see it worried you quite a bit. I think you made a good choice. I can understand you on that it was a difficult decision since you really loved your job, and enjoyed getting out. I also, worked full time since age 16. I had Samuel when I was 21, and quit my job as a surgery scheduler. Boy, I missed my job sooo bad at first. I not only missed it, but I had doubts about whether I made a smart choice, after all it was a good paying job with benefits. I missed getting up, dressing professionally, and being "me" instead of "mommy" all day long in my sweatshirt. LOL. BUT Now I look back, and I don't regret quitting. With time, I stopped missing my job, (It took a couple mo's) although I still miss my favorite coworkers a LOT after working for 5 yrs with them and becoming friends. It just takes some time to get over the change and stop missing it. You will see that soon enough you will not miss your job! Especially when summer comes! :)